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2021 (??) CFL Season

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all things considered we had a pretty good regular season...Prior to Nichols injury we were rolling...Defence was lights out and barely allowing TD's Nichols went down...Strev was up and down and

One good thing about the Nichols move to Ottawa for me: we were not supposed to play the Argos at home this year due to the imbalanced schedule. At least now when the RedBlacks show up Oct. 2 the club

$404K in 2021, $500K in 2022. And hopefully more of this:

  • 2 weeks later...

Ranked A, B, C by priority. Just for fun. Expecting to be told I'm wrong. I'm also not saying that C level players won't get signed. Just like A level players may NOT get signed.


Sean McGuire (I) B

Running back

Andrew Harris (N) A


Mike Miller (N) A
John Rush (N) C


Rasheed Bailey (I) B
Nic Demski (N) A
Julian Feoli-Gudino (N) C
Janarion Grant (I) A
Kenny Lawler (I) A
Daniel Petermann (N) A
Lucky Whitehead (I) B

Offensive line

Stanley Bryant (I) A
Geoff Gray (N) A
Jermarcus Hardrick (I) A
Patrick Neufeld (N) A
Cody Speller (N) A

Defensive line

Tobi Antigha (I) B
Jackson Jeffcoat (I) A
Alex McCalister (I) C
Steven Richardson (I) C
Jake Thomas (N) B


Jesse Briggs (N) B
Brandon Calver (N) B
Shayne Gauthier (N) A
Thomas Miles (N) B
Kyrie Wilson (I) B

Defensive back

Brandon Alexander (I) B
Kerfalla Exumé (N) A
Josh Johnson (I) A
Chris Lyles (I) C
Mercy Maston (I) B
Otha Peters (I) C
Nick Taylor (I) B


K/P Justin Medlock (I) A
LS Maxime Latour (N) B
LS Chad Rempel (N) B

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10 minutes ago, Noeller said:

I was pretty good with your list until I saw Stove as a C. He's a B verging on A. Humongously important. I'm also tempted to move McAllister to a B, as well. I'd put BA37 as an A. Exume as a B. Josh Johnson a B. Shayne Gauthier is a B at best. 

I might give you BA as an A given his leadership abilities.

Stove you could be right at B. It's really difficult for me to gauge DTs and I think Drake was "the man" so maybe Stove needs to fill his spot. McAllister gets a lot of unwarranted praise. He has proven nothing. Maybe he has potential? We have Jefferson and Jeffcoat so his importance to me is very low.

Losing Rose and Sayles it was important to bring in the next high skill DB so that's why I think Josh Johnson will be very important to us. That said, it might change given there will be other players out there to sign come February.

Exume and Gauthier are top special teamers that have played a significant role for us. 

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BLM said a few weeks ago that he is willing to take a pay cut to make it work with the Stamps financially. Mike Reilly meanwhile is suiing the Lions saying his salary is guaranteed. One player gets it. The other in his late 30's lives in a fantasy world in Seattle. BLM may be a head case at times but there's no doubt he is committed to the Stampders while Reilly just wants to get paid & will go where the money is best. Pandemic or no pandemic. Season or no season. 

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