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2019-20 Grey Cup Champs Off-season discussion.

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That's not being thrown under the bus at all and it wasn't the club who went to the media. Being thrown under the bus would be Walters holding a press conference and saying something like "due to

It will be interesting to see what the Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers do first. Will the Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers sign their coaches first? Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg

14 minutes ago, GCJenks said:

How is it that the Bombers have done virtually nothing so far and I am loving this off season so far. 

I think it’s more a matter them working but they just haven’t announced anything major, as opposed to lying on the couch in fur coats and a drunken stupor.  

Bombers won the last game of the season while most other organizations had three plus weeks to get the gears turning on their off-seasons.  With the vast majority of the other coaching positions filled, I’m confident we get our front office sorted and then the player signing announcements will be flying out of the PR office.

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Rigmaiden staying is fantastic news. I think Montreal is more of a mess than the league is letting on. I get that anyone coming in now won't get to pick their HC, but Khari did a good job last year and would likely be high on most lists for HC openings. I don't think his presence is scaring folks away. Much more likely would be the ownership issue.

I was initially worried about Osh leaving but after Toronto looked like they were sticking with Chamblin it hasn't been on my radar. Really shocked to see them fire Chamblin for someone not named O'Shea. No idea what to expect with Dinwiddie in Toronto.

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16 minutes ago, AKAChip said:

This is great news but have to wonder why he interviewed at all. He knew the ownership situation going in. 

I've applied and interviewed for jobs just to look at what an opportunity may be, and I think it is good to stay interview ready.

There is value just going through the process.

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