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Als v. Argos

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8 minutes ago, Goalie said:

Als didn't deserve to win. Their owner needs to learn to shut up his face. Dude seems like a real basket case 

Not a classic tonight. Not sure either team deserved to win.

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15 minutes ago, Rod Black said:

They lost through poor execution. 

Khari might be the first coach this year to get whacked. 

Not sure what more Khari could have done? Harris settled in when it mattered the most, and the idiot kicker missed a chip shot field goal. Aside from massaging the kickers shoulders and holding his hand, I'm not sure else could have been done 🤷‍♂️

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Harris...MTL looked okay..team let him down..Harris TO looked good first quarter as he had huge chip on shld and wanted to shove it in the faces in Wpg...but wore down as the game progressed...then couldn't even finish...that's why we moved on from a high priced 35 yr old back

He labouref a few times and called to be subbed out himself...never or rarely did it here...also waved the back up to stay on at one point too...dude won't play more than 10 games

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