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Als v. Argos

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2 minutes ago, JuranBoldenRules said:

There's no way in hell MBT should be on the field right now.

yeah his head clearly snapped  back badly on that sack

hope this game is not on espn.

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Naylor didn’t add too much to the discussion on the injury spotter topic. But did mention how the spotter in SK didn’t do his job. Wonder where that spotter lives or is that a video review done in the league office, 


addendum: command center…https://press.cfl.ca/new-canadian-football-league-player-health-and-safety-measures-for-2016-season

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3 minutes ago, Mr. Perfect said:

Not the best example of CFL football tonight...🤮🤮🤮

I would argue it’s better than the Bombers game last week, objectively speaking. Offences are looking decent.

37 minutes ago, BBlink said:

MBT's strategy seems to be to stand in the pocket until someone is wide open. Gets rocked a tonne.

Drew Willy 2.0

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1 hour ago, JuranBoldenRules said:

Can't move the hashmarks enough to help QB's who can't pass.

Also Dom Davis is terribly immobile, not sure why he's the sneak/option QB.

I'm not sure why Davis is still in the league. He must work awfully cheap.

10 minutes ago, Mark F said:

andrew harris 16 for 74 so far

Harris's running is getting worse as the game wears on.

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