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Thanks for the 2021 Season BB and MBB


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On 2021-12-14 at 10:16 AM, Arnold_Palmer said:

I started out on our bombers as a 12 year old back in the early 2000’s. Found this place in 2012 as a young adult. Probably went years where I either just browsed or posted seldomly. I recognize a lot of the old usernames from the old site, a lot of great new posters from this site. I’m now 30 years old and me and my girl friend bought our first house together last year and I think I’ve had to sacrifice some of the things such as going out to watch the game, or going to all the games, so I’ve really grown accustomed to watching the game at home and having a beverage, with MBB in the background so I can chat with you guys. It’s a hell of a journey and a great community to be a part of!

This is my story as well, turn 29 in January. Was on ourbombers as a literal teenager.

Love this community. Cheers to another bb gc

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2 hours ago, Booch said:

yeah...that guy was a true assbag...tho was comical to read and entertaining

Part of me wishes half of what he said was true and he was just off to steal cable while working on top secret crap ranting to his hnic family about how he got banned on mbb.

I almost regret missing all the crazy stuff in general thread this year. 


A big part of making this year better as a bomber fan was Ed Tait and bauming. We all know the media coverage on the Bombers is an old boys club. They spend more time chatting than reporting on camp and practice. Taits pieces are always great and bauming added a lot to fill the gap. Plus the around the league bit on 3dn.

Bomberfanu571 or what not. Idr his name I think it had a 9 in it. Starting a podcast about the Bombers and seemed to get some traction. I saw a tweet shout out from Tait about it on the ticker. That's pretty cool. Like seeing people fill the gap. When he first started being a new guy i was pretty leery about him. Thought maybe it was polarlusablue et al. Even though I haven't listened to it I respect and appreciate a guy stepping up to fill that void and create content for bomber fans. 

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10 hours ago, bearpants said:

Some of the people I always got a kick out of were the ones who were completely full of **** but act like they were the absolute authority on everything... There was Tuscaloosa Blue a few years ago with the fake training camp reports... and then recently (I'm already forgetting his screen name - Thanks for reminding me it was Polar Bear) the guy Polar Bear who was an expert on covid, broadcasting, and regularly partied with the Bombers since he was Harris' neighbour... what a clown he was... my favourite post was when (I believe it was) @blue_gold_84 made a list of all the things Polar Bear claimed to be an expert on in the 2 weeks he posted here... I know these people are toxic for conversation and misrepresenting facts... but I always find their schtick funny

Anyways, thanks to all of you guys here... when I talk to my family and friends I pretend like I'm some kind of expert on the Bombers b/c of the great knowledge and experience I read here... too many to list but guys like @Booch, @wbbfan, @Mikeand @SpeedFlex27 are so great for conversation and knowledge about the team we all love. Thanks guys!

Thanks bearpants. Nice of you to say that. Appreciate it.

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My first game I ever saw was in August 1969. The Bombers beat the Riders 16-14. I remember running on the field & Ron Lancaster walked by me among other players from both teams. I was in awe as all those players on the field were all heroes to me.

Back then, we didn't have NFL football on TV. We saw a couple of games a week. Only Toronto, Montreal had NHL teams & the WHA was still 3 years away. The internet was still 20 years away from existing. I went to 3 or 4 games a year until 1974 when I got season tickets & had them until 1990 when my wife & our family moved to Calgary. Now, I'm excited to say I bought two seats in Section 227 with a 3 game flex pack. for 2022. I'm back, baby!!! Three games is a big deal to me. I'm excited!! Hopefully see some of you guys in 2022!!





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5 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Nate ran for the hills. Here is exclusive footage of him in training.


Please dont put the classy mr sanders in the same conversation as nasty nate.

How about the quarterback guy? SamCanadian I think it was. LOL. He was just waiting to get called up. A lot of personalities have come and gone...

I too am an "expert" bomber fan to my loved ones all from second hand info from the main posters on this site. 17to85, Noeller, speedflex, booch. Many more. Thanks guys. Good discussion and debate

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8 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

Thanks, that's the guy.

To be fair if you're gonna have a mancrush you could do a lot worse than strevy. That said no one could ever come between the bromance of him and woli. They were like Bill and Ted. 

 Sheed and lucky must've been real interesting roommates. Those are two crazy high energy positive guys. 

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I joined the "official" Bomber forum on their website back in 09 when I was working weekend shifts and needed something to kill time. Posted a few times on OB, but I preferred the layout of the bomber forum. That changed when I got a smart phone....that website is still a pain to navigate via phone. Came on here and haven't really been back. 

Gotten into some decent arguments and conversations. Learned a lot about the game and had someone to talk to about the game while I watched with my infant children. Its been a ride hasn't it?!?!

I Thought about canceling season tickets (2014) but very glad I held on. I've never wanted a season to NOT end as much as this one. What a team!! What a forum!!! Lol 

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9 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

This is why players run through walls for this guy.  Imagine Belichick or Andy Reid doing this after a Superbowl celebration?

Honestly he is the absolute best.

I love that dude beyond what is reasonable, and his wife and entire family seem great as well.

We are lucky to have them.

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