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7 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Stanley in for Beaulieu.

Right now "traffic pylon in for Beaulieu" would be enough to make me pop the bubbly.  It's just been embarrassing watching that guy flounder around out there.  

Speaking of traffic pylons, how is Joe Thornton not playing Italian Elite league hockey right now.  How does he stay in the NHL?  He makes Lucic look like a young speedster.

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7 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

 Dubois, Ehlers on that 3rd goal and DeMelo well DeMelo.

27 was having really good game too.

That play doesn't happen if Connor doesn't try to give it back to Stanley.  That's a terrible decision by him

And Stastny ties it!!!!


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8 hours ago, Noeller said:

We had no chance once it went to OT. Jets are a big, heavy 5 on 5 team, but not enough pure skill for the fast pace of OT. **** I hate losing to the Leafs. 

I just don't agree with that statement.  Jets are 5-1-1 in OT this year, and are one of the most dynamic 3-on-3 teams in the format.  

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