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2020-21 NFL Discussion Thread


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5 hours ago, Noeller said:

I just can't bring myself to care about the NFL. If Streveler was playing more, I might care to watch the Cards games, but otherwise there's just not a lot for me to care about. Sports, for me, is a regional thing. I care about my province/city playing against another province/state/city..... watching the so-called "best players in the world" just for the sake of that, doesn't really do it for me, at least in football.

I never really cared for the NFL at all but right now it's filling part of the crater left by the CFL cancellation. I've watched more in these first 2 weeks than I probably have the past 2 years

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11 hours ago, rebusrankin said:

Russell Wilson has been unreal to start the season.

He’s been unreal for years.  Usually  had a crap O line, worked around it, throws accurately while running, doesn’t get hurt, team player, long passes. He Always did these things.

It took a while for the NFL to figure this out.


never been nominated for mvp. Ridiculous.


This is part of why the CFL is better. They have to work with what they’ve got. Not constipated like the nfl. Although the nfl is catching up.




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10 hours ago, bustamente said:

Titans/Steelers game postponed.

So unless they both happen to have their scheduled bye week on the same week, how do they make up this game?

Only other options I see are to (a) postpone the playoffs one week and play the make-up games that week, and eliminate the week break before the Super Bowl (PLEASE make that happen - the break is stupid) or (b) push all the playoffs back a week and the Super Bowl gets played a week later too.

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