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2019 CFL Season: Around the League

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Pre season action 1PM PT

BC at Edmonton

3 Areas To Watch

Number 2 Pivot: Who Steps Up?

BC - Ricky Lloyd and first-year Leos Austin Apodaca and Cole Sears will handle the quarterback reps in hopes of getting a leg up on sticking behind Reilly on the depth chart. 

Edmonton- Danny O’Brian, Logan Kilgore, Briscoe.

- One big observation in the first week of camp is the depth at receiver. Standouts at the position have included Joey Augustin, Marquis Bundy and Mexican additions Fernando Richarte and Gerardo Alvarez. All CFL clubs are required to keep one global player on their roster beyond training camp.

- Defensive Line: Calling On Another Bookend

With Odell Willis having another strong showing in camp, the big question remains who will line up as the other bookend.

- Linebacker Adam Konar gets to battle some of his own teammates after he was cut loose and quickly picked up by the Lions on day one of camp. He’ll start at MLB




👁‍🗨Want an increase in attendance for CFL football in Toronto? A simple name change to Toronto Raptornauts





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6 Intriguing Players to Watch in the Preseason for each CFL Team


The Bombers have been building through quality scouting throughout the Kyle Walters era and are just now reaching their peak. That doesn’t mean their job is done however and there will be spots up for grabs in the receiving corps, defensive backfield and offensive line.

1. Mike Jones, DB, Temple

Jones is strong in man coverage and breaks up passes with violent hands. How he adjusts to the intricacies of the CFL game remains to be seen, but he could develop into a shutdown player.

2. John Santiago, RB, North Dakota

The back from North Dakota that everyone is excited to see is draft pick Brady Oliviera but he was part of a one-two punch. Santiago is a CFL quality back and while he’s a long shot to make the roster due to the ratio, the tape he produces might catch another team’s eye.

3. Thiadric Hansen, LB, Kiel Balt. (GFL)

When you sleep in a bus station just so you can play for peanuts in Germany, you know you are passionate about the sport of football. Hansen is living his dream and it will be fascinating to see how his “at all costs” attitude translates on the field while trying to earn a job on special teams.

4. Asotui Eli, OL, Hawaii

Perhaps the most talented lineman, and certainly the biggest wildcard, in the draft, Eli will be suiting up for the first time in a calendar year and winning a starting job is not out of the question. I’m excited to see how his injured knee holds up under the stress of gameplay.

5. Rasheed Bailey, REC, Delaware Valley State

Bailey has turned a lot of heads in training camp and for good reason. He was absolutely explosive in college, blowing past defenders like they were pylons. He has bounced around a lot since college but could make a home in Winnipeg.

6. Matt Hazel, REC, Coastal Carolina

Hazel got the attention of the Bombers at mini-camp and has maintained it early in training camp. He boxes out and high points the ball exceptionally well. With plenty of experience at various pro camps, Hazel seems committed to this latest opportunity.



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2 minutes ago, JCon said:

Reilly will feel right at home without an o-line in front of him, some stud receivers, and questionable D. Not sure how this season finishes any different than the last for him. 

Let’s make sure hardrick is healthy before we make fun of anyone...

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