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3 hours ago, bustamente said:

How could anybody in their right mind support this moron, Republicans figured this out to late and now they will pay by losing the Senate.


The real sad part is that they knew before hand. Just look at what Lindsey Graham said before he started kissing Trumps ass. "we'll get destroyed and we'll deserve it"

That is how much they value power, they will jump into bed with whatever lunatic they think can help them stay in power no matter the consequences to themselves or others. 

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If I'm Biden I miss the next debate until Trump has and can prove b2b negative tests, let Trump yell and scream he is a super spreader, he has infected the WH because of his stupidity, his days are numbered. Also make sure that Trumps idiot family and enablers arrive well ahead of time to get tested and make sure they wear masks not like last time when they arrived late and refused masks.

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4 hours ago, bustamente said:

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, all we know is they are both stupid as all hell

no, they’re both right, cause it’s 

Quantum Trump! 

He’s two places simultaneously!


Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!  

17 minutes ago, Mr Dee said:


That is very good. Best one I have seen.

Edited by Mark F
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The moderator is doing a pathetic job in stopping the yapping of Pence.
He’s lost and it’s half way through. I thought he would do better.
Pence has got nothing to work with because he has to repeat lies.
But he’s lost. He’s ffiggin rude.
I hope Pence has eaten before, because Kamala is eating his lunch.
Pence going off topic and small time bullying isn’t helping his cause.
He surely does not respect the moderator...at all. Is it because she’s a woman?
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