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  1. And another guy I know. I think he will be a stud in the CFL. Super fast and well built. Bombers should be able to have a Canadian Backfield for a while with him and Oliveria. Unfortunately got busted for PEDs and missed out on the 2019 seasons which probably hurt his draft stock. The PED suspension seemed like bullshit and it seems like everyone in Sask football community has kind of just accepted or thinks he unknowingly took it just like Harris, including me. Guy is really highly thought of for his work ethic and just being a good dude.
  2. Two years in a row the Bombers pick a former teammate of mine. Last year (Nick Dhielly). Think he will be a CFL player for sure. Big/athletic should find a home on special teams at the very least. He played cover Linebacker at the U of R but he is a gym rat and I think he would be better suited to add another couple pounds and play inside linebacker. Hoping for the best from him, good dude with a bigger personality.
  3. this is it 100%. Not saying Winnipeg isnt the top ran franchise in the league but he has said other things about teams that make me question the motives. He seems to want his show to be a national show rather then regional which makes sense. He does get some good guests on and have some interesting conversations. I will usually watch on youtube later if I see someone interesting on. I do find him annoying and especially the little man crushes he seems to develop for random players such as Duron Carter.
  4. Thats a fair point. I would agrue that Brady is unlike anyone else ever including his longevity. QB is also a positon that doesn't take the beating a LB or RB take. Especially how brady plays.
  5. What safety is better then him? The guy has been in the league for a long time and has been a consistent starter to point for the last few years on the riders which has had one of the best Ds. To say he cant tackle if actually wrong and shows you don't watch. His weakness is when he is asked to cover the 3 to the wide side in man coverage because they are playing 0, but I don't think there is a safety in the league that is super strong at that because if they were they would probably be playing HB. Freddie Bishop had 6 sacks last year but the year before he played in the CFL he had
  6. good response, really proved me wrong
  7. I don't think Evans started or took significant snaps since July. He got injured and never really came back. He was dealing with the injury/personal family stuff with a divorce/custody battle. From what I heard some of that stuff really took his want to play away and he might be done with football. He was pretty much useless on the field. From talking to players on the team he didn't want to be there and was only there because the Riders paid a hundred thousand plus for him to go to the states to some core specialist for surgery. Dean is 32 turning 33, Soli is 34 turning 35 so that is a
  8. I am not attacking all things bombers if you look at my post history I believe it is pretty complimentary. I am not being over zealous I am presenting some facts that I think add something to the discussion. THis constant Rider trashing does nothing to add anything to the board. Especially when you are wrong in your predictions. Bouka didn't get a mini camp invite, he was in training camp and was doing well. Looking at getting on the roster or PR before he tore his Achilles. So that is point one where you are wrong. How are we down 5 starters? Solomon who you were saying was too old was
  9. I dont think the combination of Bishop/Micah/Henry/Leonard is mediocre. Might not be as strong as Winnipeg's or what's going on in Toronto but it wouldn't be in the bottom half of the league. We have 3 dudes that have double digit sack potential. It is the same as last season with Dabire being another year of experience and trading Hughes for Bishop. If we listen to people on here Hughes is a washed up alcoholic who doesnt have a impact after labour day so that shouldn't be a horrible trade off. People on here think Edem is some horrible player but the reality is he has played at a all
  10. DT Split between Dabire and Henry Edem at safety Field corner or possibly Linebacker
  11. Moncrrief played sam. Not sure who his replacement is going to be but he would be our biggest loss as that is a tough position to fill. My guess is we move Purifoy or Mcray there. The open spot in the secondary is then taken up by Bouka which will be our 3rd National on D. (We signed a Canadian Corner today to back him up.) We start Dean at MLB then probably go a young American at Will. We had two on our roster for most of last year in Idowu who filled in for Solomon on passing downs sometimes and Gary Johnson jr who came in after NFL cuts and played special teams. I am hoping/thinking t
  12. Too bad Bombers cant find a way to make Alexender work at Safety with the ratio. He was a game changer back there.
  13. As a rideran they are a great tackle combo. But Bryant is on a totally different level then Hardwick and possibly anyone in the league. He is a guy you can put into any scheme and will be dominant. Where I think Hardwick struggles in pass pro. The scheme he plays in Winnipeg really allows him to succeed.
  14. As someone from Sask I am really interested to see how Dhielly transitions to the CFL. I think he can have a impact on special teams with his size and athleticism. Will be interesting to see how he transitions to a CFL locker room. I have heard he has matured since his weird split from the U of R.
  15. A friend of mine was in camp with the bombers last year. He told me Simonise was out of it at camp. Seemed like he was not engaged at all. Also there was a story about when they went around the room and introduced themselves on the first day he said something really strange. Gave my buddy the impression he was not that bright.
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