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2021 (??) CFL Season


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Just now, Wideleft said:

I don't believe that is an actual organization of elk, though.

I don't believe the football is played by elk either. 😛

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Just now, Noeller said:

alright, then we're agreed.....the new Edmonton FC is named after the Elks Club of Canada service group. Excellent choice....

I think we can beat them!

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5 minutes ago, Super Duper Negatron said:

Logo isn't bad. Nice and clean.

It's like you could put it on the front of a tractor.

29 minutes ago, 17to85 said:

Ctv and tsn are one and the same so no point in even discussing a difference there. Sportsnet I think is regretting spending like drunken sailors on the nhl and cbc doesn't want to spend much money on sports. The situation in Canada is not great for getting a big TV deal in my opinion.

CBC would have been happy to spend the money on hockey as revenue helped fund other programming.  Harper and his minions on the board made it politically unpalatable to compete with their friends in private industry.

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1 hour ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

The helmet apparently...


Wonder if it's alternative helmet cause the old logo still works.

Also Elk works better then Elks.

Why even change the helmet... obviously EE still works.... 

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