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The BEER thread

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13 minutes ago, blue_gold_84 said:

Has anyone checked out Craft Beer Market at the corner of Grant and Pembina recently? They renovated and the entire front portion of the store is now single cans and bottles. The variety is incredible.

Yes, and it's great. Lots to choose from. Maybe better than the LC (Grant Park) now for single can selection. I haven't really compared for scientific purposes. 

The back is a bit confusing and hard to find stuff. But I'll get used to it. 

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Just an update... CBM is truly the best beer store in town. I was there the week before last and got carried away. The selection is overwhelming.

Anyway, I've been here before but I'm in Yellowknife this week for work. I know it's way, way off the beaten path for most but if you're ever up here, NWT Brewing Co. is a must visit for any beer lover. Located on the edge of Old Town (roughly a ten-minute walk from downtown), it consists of the brewery and a brewpub called The Woodyard (excellent pub grub in a very rustic, location-specific setting). Their core brews consist of four offerings (a cream ale, a pale ale, a brown ale, and an IPA). They also offer several more on a rotational basis (12 taps in total in the taproom). I had a nitro porter and a seasonal IPA the other night and both were quite good. Yesterday, I had a raspberry wit which was surprisingly tasty and an ESB with Earl Grey infused in it which was absolutely delicious.

There's also a growler bar and a merch counter. I really can't say enough about this place.

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