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The Music Thread

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hey canada, c'mere let me give you a big sloppy hug you magnificent feelgoodsad friday night gen-x comfort mutt.
listen to how they pop the current singer slightly in the mix so they get a moment!
1:24 is such wholesomeness.
🖖 to the guy playing in the plasma ball somewhere around 4:19, he's at 9o'clock in the mosaic

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16 hours ago, iHeart said:

so this is happening today



glorious, I've never seen the whole thing.

impressed with the other Joey Elliott, the guy from Def Leppard.  Roger Daltrey sounds pretty good too.

hey, Tony Iommi!

Stone Cold Crazy ... the very first thrash metal song .. and who comes out to sing it but motherfucking James Hetfield.  a perfect moment in time.

damn Seal takes that Freddy anguish from Who Wants To Live Forever and makes it smooove.  gorgeous.

I would've paid my eye teeth to have seen Queen hit the road with George Michael after this.  He's one of the few at Freddy's level.  Lost him too early too. And that orange blazer is so dope.

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