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  1. AtlanticRiderFan

    Who do you hate the most (Teams)

    Stamps, Esks, and Bombers. Just part of the rivalry, nothing personal. I also formerly hated whichever team Burris was on at the time...post Riders of course .
  2. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    Cohen gets 3 years in prison:
  3. AtlanticRiderFan

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    True, but the message has to be collectively delivered by a number of organizations of different types, whether it has to do with sports, education, etc. It's not enough to make up a special day and have the prime minister make a speech or deliver apologies. It has to come from below as well. Whatever counts
  4. AtlanticRiderFan

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    To not acknowledge the diversity of our country is also ignoring our past problems. So because we have a bad history of racism (this is quite an understatement), we're supposed to sweep it under the carpet and move on like it never happened? That's how historical revisionism happens.
  5. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    And if there are any recordings of this meeting, the Russians will be in control of it, just like last time. But there's absolutely no collusion with Russia at all 🙄.
  6. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

  7. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    You as well! I'm glad we can be on the same page about this .
  8. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    If you don't think Trump is racist, then what do you have to to say about his refusal to rent apartments to people of colour back in the 70s? What about his insistence that the group of black and brown men accused of raping and murdering that white women were guilty all these years later, even after they were exonerated by DNA? Anyone who claims he is not racist is lying or willfully blind.
  9. A lot of comparing of sizes in this thread...
  10. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    Yeah, I doubt the Senate would impeach Trump. Still, Trump has admitted that a Democratic House will. He won't be in the least happy about it, even if its much ado about nothing.
  11. AtlanticRiderFan

    US Politics

    If the Democrats win the House, their first order of business is to start impeachment proceedings against Trump. He would be furious at the results.
  12. AtlanticRiderFan

    Reminder - Daylight Savings Time Ends

    This. I would much prefer having the extra hour at the end of the day instead at the start. Hate it when it's already getting dark before 5 o' clock. And, we're already using it 8 months in a year, so why not 12?
  13. It's possible, but Zach's bell ring meant another game for Bridge to play...another game in which Bridge did nothing. I think it was the final straw. Do you mean whether he will actually dress, or whether he will produce? If the later, he has a shot at being somewhat better than Bridge. Bridge was bad enough that even a cold QB outplay him. Not to say Tate will do much either...