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  1. It will be very close either way, but fortunately Biden doesn't need Texas to win. IMO, Trump does, and he's truly done if it flips, regardless of what happens in the other states.
  2. Better yet, he'd need even less of those states if he ends up taking Texas, which is now looking very possible. But then if he does take Texas, there's no way he wouldn't take the vast majority of those states save for maybe Arizona or Florida.
  3. Yep, here's the proof: Trudeau is 6'1.5" to 6'2" (read conflicting information on which it is) and appears to be at least an inch taller than Trump.
  4. "His intent is always to give truthful information." So, he's just delusional then?
  5. You missed this. Factual Reporting: HIGH Overall, we rate the Daily Beast Left-Biased due to story selection that favors the left and High for factual reporting based on proper sourcing and a reasonable fact check record in relation to the volume of stories they publish. (5/13/2016) Updated (M. Huitsing 02/14/2020)
  6. Jim Bakker, the Silver Solution guy could be in the mix as well, haha.
  7. Mine is based on the total number of cases as well. Deaths divided by number of cases in that country
  8. Did some math. (Numbers from CBC coronavirus tracker) Death rate of Denmark= 273/6369*100= 4.3% Death rate of Sweden=899/10483*100=8.6% Sweden's death rate (to the nearest tenth) is exactly double that of Denmark's. How is that about the same? And that approach is precisely how you overrun the healthcare system. The prolonging is so that the system can actually accommodate everyone who gets coronavirus. Otherwise, more people die because they can't receive proper treatment.
  9. And Sweden has more cases per capita than we do, and they have more ACTUAL deaths than we do. More deaths for country with a quarter of our population is a lot. Sweden is not a good model for fighting COVID.
  10. It is because of social distancing that the curve is flattening. We can't just stop our measures the moment the curve begins to flatten. Returning to normal by Easter or May would certainly make it get out of hand again. 6 months is the magic number for social distancing measures to successfully ensure that the healthcare system doesn't get overwhelmed. And that is provided that we are meeting our targets.
  11. That wasn't directed at you, just a general statement. Sorry As for what you said about Singapore, their measures are easily more extreme than ours, with exception to businesses staying open. They aren't under lockdown, but neither are we. The expert in the article states that countries are going to have adopt Singapore's measures in addition to a lockdown in order to keep citizens safe. He also warns that herd immunity requires too many people to be exposed to the virus, and therefore, we should wait until a vaccine is available. Your article proves the opposite of what you are trying to say. It's saying we need to do more, not less.
  12. This is contrary to the what the federal government has stated. They say in a "best case scenario," social distancing will last until at least July. Covid will not be over in May. It might peak at that point, but there will still be many infections at that point, especially if we don't properly flatten the curve.
  13. This is what COVID could have looked like without intervention. Most of the world population being infected and over 40 million dying worldwide. Still think we are overreacting? https://globalnews.ca/news/6754014/coronavirus-pandemic-projected-deaths-report/
  14. Because the strong and healthy can still pass it on to vulnerable people, even if they are not symptomatic. We also don't know everything about this virus yet, as it is new, so it is incredibly dangerous to put the general population at risk by not taking precautions. It could have more detrimental effects on healthy people than we realize. Right now when we don't have a vaccine is all the more reason to keep our distance. A vaccine will be developed eventually, so in the meantime, let's not let it spread exponentially. Yes, the closures are terrible for the economy, but I would rather millions of people not die or have irreversible damage done to their bodies. You also keep saying that the flu is deadlier, but the coronavirus death toll has only spiked within the last two to three weeks. We don't know that it isn't going to be worse than the flu in a few months time. THIS is why we are being more cautious with coronavirus than with the flu.
  15. You didn't come out and say that coronavirus was no big deal, but you have definitely downplayed the severity of it, and you have implied that the measures being taken are too extreme. But those measures are what will prevent the healthcare system from being overrun, and in turn, people dying because they couldn't get proper treatment. And if the measures don't work, it's because not enough people listened. But if they do work, it wasn't an overreaction; it means we took proper precautions.
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