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  1. If the house impeaches him, he is still impeached even if the senate doesn't remove him from office.
  2. And New Brunswick has a PC minority, propped up by the People's Alliance, a populist right-wing party.
  3. 25- New England Patriots 15- New York Yankees 15- Washington Capitals 15- Calgary Flames 15- Philadelphia Flyers 10- Toronto Maple Leafs 2- Tom Wilson (Capitals; dirty player that does not belong in the league) 1 each-Eskies, Stamps, Bombers (you guys are off the hook; I have too much hate in hockey ) EDIT: I almost gave all 100 of my points to New England. I hate them that much, haha.
  4. So you're all too willing to accept the conclusion from the Trump-appointed AG, but will deny anything coming straight from the Mueller team, the very people who conducted the investigation. We just want some transparency about the situation, even if none of it leads to criminal charges against Trump himself. You're blind if you can't see that the Republicans are hiding something. If the report wasn't damning in any way, it would have been released by now.
  5. Periphery released their entire new album on youtube almost a week before official release.
  6. That's a good song! I like this one too:
  7. This is probably nitpicking, but I bet Trump has no idea that windchill isn't actually temperature, only what the air feels like when the wind is gusting. At least use proper measures of temperature! Using windchill is pure exaggeration.
  8. Taking a screenshot of this before it gets edited. What the actual hell is "Global Waming?"
  9. Trump successfully created a loyal following, who will listen to anything he says. That is one thing he has done, though it really isn't positive. Though I suspect that following is starting to dwindle a little with the shutdown (maybe? Or they just think it's the Democrats' fault).
  10. Acts like he's the best businessman in the world, yet doesn't even have an MBA. I know not all CEOs have MBAs, but most have some kind of master's degree. He really could have benefited from further education, but who needs that when you're swimming in cash?
  11. Stamps, Esks, and Bombers. Just part of the rivalry, nothing personal. I also formerly hated whichever team Burris was on at the time...post Riders of course .
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