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Round 2 - Game 1 : Montreal

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2 hours ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

To me the issue is i doubt if anyone in that entire TN company(players, coaches, etc) are fully vaccinated.

They get tested daily. Daily. Nobody steps in to that building without being tested. 

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They won't be close to the team or coaches. 500 vaccinated  people in a arena that holds over 15,000 has very, very low risk. About as low as anything you could normally do.  I think it's frigging great and a classy thing for the Jets to do. It's also uplifting at least to me to see just a tiny bit of a return to normalcy. And I'm thrilled to see those who have been exposed for a year and a half get honored like this.

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15 minutes ago, BomberBall said:

Crap.  I was worried about him when I saw that he didn’t practice yesterday.  Let me guess Toninato is in?

Like WTF he got injured in the last 2 days cause Jets not say anything.

Well Dubois can be the hero or goat.

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