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"Skate a great distance". Sounds like Borat.

Time : Wenzday 630, CBC Season Series : Jets 6W MTL 3W What's At Stake : The right to hang a Canadian Division Champion banner in the rafters.   Every champion was once a contender

I don't get why people are mad about the optics, it's time to move on already.  Optics be darned, let's go.

First period thoughts:

Montreal likely scouted back door plays

Jets power play looked really good, just could not bury one

Hellebuyck not looking great yet, flopping on the 3rd goal and not covering the puck when he could/should

Wonder if DeMelo got cut by a skate, panel pondering a high ankle. Paging Jordie Benn

Wonder if Stastny pulled something due to lack of game play

Maurice said the first 10 minutes would not look like the rest of the game. We can only hope

Reminded that in 2018 we came off the 7 game win over the Preds and dominated the rested Knights 4-1 in game 1. After that they found their legs, got some great goaltending, and rolled over us. Patience will be my mantra tonight. Especially because all the analytics fans are waiting to label the team a fraud. 

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1 minute ago, captaincanuck12 said:

Man Perreault took a puck inside the knee.   Geeze.  How many more injuries are coming?

I think a bigger question we should ask is....how many of these habs are actually goons?

Perreault's okay


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Lowry on bench. Hit with puck, goes to dressing room.

27 minutes ago, captaincanuck12 said:

Remember in 2018... where the Jets beat Vegas in game 1 only to lose the next 4.     MTL looks to have a bit more jump right now.  Maybe the Jets will start picking up the pace more.    Still lots of hockey left and 3-1 is not insurmountable.

Jets owned the 1st period and VGK won every one after that. Jets not turned it around yet.

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Second period thoughts:

Someone forgot to freeze the pucks before the game. Lots of bouncing passes

Not sure what game Dubois sees out there. Trying creative passes but off the mark on pretty much all of them

Montreal pounding our defence high along the boards at the blue line. More odd man rushes in that period than in the entire series against Edmonton 

All the great sticks the Jets had in the first round have abandoned them tonight

Good news is that Montrreal’s game plan is get up by 2 and then play dump it out for a full period, and Toronto showed that they can be exploited with that prevent defence style. 

Hellebuyck found his game that period and kept us in it. 

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1 minute ago, HardCoreBlue said:

Suspension? How long?

Will totally depend on how bad Evans is hurt. That’s the NHL way. 

1 minute ago, BomberBall said:

The result was tough, but that seemed like a clean hit to me.

You can’t take a run at someone like that. If he is trying to stop the goal, needs to play the stick. And the fact he got knocked out warrants the major. And furthermore, Scheifele was visibly irked all night and arguing with the refs. All that adds up to a no-brainer call. 

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