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2019-20 Grey Cup Champs Off-season discussion.

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That's not being thrown under the bus at all and it wasn't the club who went to the media. Being thrown under the bus would be Walters holding a press conference and saying something like "due to

It will be interesting to see what the Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers do first. Will the Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers sign their coaches first? Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg

According to https://cfldb.ca/faq/compensation/

The CFL reportedly has a $5.70 million salary cap for the 2019 season, increasing $50,000/year for the next two seasons and a roster size of 56 players allowing the average mean (average) salary to be calculated by the formula (sum of elements) / (number of elements).

I don't think they identify the source. 


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3 hours ago, Bubba Zanetti said:

Really? Could have sworn it was 5.2 last season and 5.3 this season?

Its probably gapped up a bit this year because the league re-worked their agreement with TSN and the players have it worked into the collective bargaining agreement that they get a certain percentage of any new tv revenues.

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4 minutes ago, JCon said:

Rightly or wrongly, when I see a DB that big all I think is that he must have crap hands. 


In a similar vein I think "how is he not in the NFL with that height? " It stands out even down there for DBs.

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