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New Standup on Netflix from Shane Gillis... if you love stand-up go watch it right now.


He's just so funny. The Australian Goth. Republican werewolf. Trying to remain a patriot after visiting George Washington's slave dungeon. He closes with one of his incredible Trump impressions. The guy is a riot.

He has a free show on YouTube if you are unfamiliar. Watch this one, too!


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A Florida woman is taking on The Hershey Company, claiming it has “tricked” customers through “misleading” packaging on Reese’s seasonal-shaped chocolates.

Cynthia Kelly, of Tampa, is suing the chocolate giant for $5 million because she claims the packaging and the actual contents don’t match.

For example, the pumpkin-shaped chocolate does not have eyes and nose cutouts like the packaging suggests, and the football shape is like an egg, according to the lawsuit, filed in Florida’s Middle District Court.

“Hershey’s labels for the Products are materially misleading and numerous consumers have been tricked and misled by the pictures on the Products’ packaging,” the lawsuit, viewed by The Post, said.



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