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  1. Are you saying that you don't like bacon?!?
  2. I'm torn on how I feel about this. The original show was great, and the whole idea of the series playing out as a 5 act play was very different for the time when it came out. I will probably watch it, but I have a hard time believing that new actors can live up to the characters in the original.
  3. It looked like the ref tried to throw the flag right away but couldn't find it, made the call on the incomplete pass, then looked down to find the flag.
  4. Sard


    Based on the last game, it doesn't look like Edmonton needs to enforce anything other than maybe forcing the small number of people who show up for the game to space out a bit more.
  5. As an outside 3rd party to this, I would argue that you restarted it/had to get the last word in with your "Happy to oblige." comment.
  6. I loved how on the CBC broadcast, Rosemary kept emphasizing the more "PROGRESSIVE" parties (talking about the Liberals, NDP, possibly the BQ and the Greens as well). It sounded like a shot to the Conservatives which made me laugh.
  7. Sard


    This raises a question... if the kids are all masked and regularly washing their hands (which I understand is the expectation), how is anything being spread?
  8. Do they give you location specifics. I would wonder if the people listening to certain stations are outside of their coverage area. I sometimes stream CJOB on my phone for the pre and post games shows at home games because I've got a 15-20 minute walk to my car from the stadium.
  9. Sard


    Same here, riskiest thing I've done is go to the bomber games, but I keep my mask on all the time.
  10. I'd give the returning a D-, maybe D because there haven't been any turnovers. If there had been any turnovers, then it's a definite F.
  11. I was actually disappointed that Liegghio didn't get another chance this past weekend. I thought he had worked out his issues after the first half of the Banjo Bowl and was going to be good to go.
  12. I'm not on twitter. This forum is the closest I get to being on social media. I post on here a bit and I'm a bit of a lurker everywhere else
  13. You did say you were recording that at 4 in the morning
  14. In response to your question on the podcast, pretty sure Mullet Man was Troy Westwood.
  15. Soooo, if all the other teams are bum teams and we beat them all, does that not still make us the best? We didn't even have to hit him before he folded though... how's that for power from our D?
  16. Well that makes this weekends game interesting... do we know anything about the backup?
  17. Sard


    Apparently you can get it now. Someone I know just got the third dose earlier today at the Supersite in Brandon.
  18. Agreed, can't stand Tracy Morgan.
  19. I was nice to hear Neilson's excitement when Kenny Lawler scored the touchdown in the Banjo Bowl. In my mind, he was almost rubbing it in Suitor's face because he kept going on about the brawl and how Harris wasn't thrown out.
  20. I think it is, but I have no way to prove it. I feel like the horn would project further as well, but again no proof. This is why I'm asking the question in general, was mostly curious to know what others thought.
  21. The original question wasn't about the sound, it was about the spit factor while Covid is still out there.
  22. After sitting through the game yesterday, with a guy sitting beside me blowing a horn the whole time the defence was on the field, I'm curious to know what others think. I feel like the horns should not be allowed in the stadium right now because anyone using one is basically spitting on a bunch of people sitting in front of them. I know that everyone (over 12) in the stadium is vaccinated, and for me, I'm wearing my mask at all times, but we are still in a pandemic. mI' thinking of writing to the team to ask about this, but I was curious to know other peoples' thoughts on that before I do.
  23. Reminds me of the Bombers in '13. Just painful to watch knowing they never stood a chance to win.
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