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Your *HATE* goes in here


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On 2021-04-16 at 6:52 AM, Mark F said:



why do sports fans hate the leafs, but cheerfor the blue jays, raptors.

raptors, blue jays have nothing to do with me, a westen canadian. 

need some consistency in our hate.

Why do Rider fans hate the Bombers but some love the Jets or Oilers?? No one cares about the Flames. 

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It's not necessarily hate but but a bit of cynicism about intentions.

Taylor Hall Exhibit A. In an interview explaining his move to the Bruins he admits that he personally has had a bad season with the Sabres, needs to contribute and be on a team that wins games.

I could see his point if he lit it up with the Sabres but he didn't. He was paid 8 million dollars to be one of the best players on the team but he wasn't so better jump ship to an elite team and profess on how the Bruins all along was his preferred landing spot even before he signed a one year contract with the Sabres.

Roll eyes.

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On 2021-04-12 at 8:33 AM, TrueBlue4ever said:

So it has taken only 40 games with them as a new division rival, but the Toronto Maple Leafs are fast climbing my hate rankings. Again not really the players themselves, but the incessant media flogging. And beyond the adulation of their all-star team and every new addition as the next MVP (Jack Campbell apparently is a lock for the Vezina with 11 games under his belt this year, and Nick Foligno is THE move of deadline day), the worst thing that I have encountered is that they STILL can’t let go of the 1993 loss to LA. Not a week goes by without some reference to how they got screwed by Kerry Fraser, how Wendel Clark was guaranteed to win that series in 6, how Gretzky got special treatment and should have been suspended, how they were robbed of their divine right to play against the Habs in the Cup that year. I have heard whiny fans in every market lament that one soul crushing loss, but this is about losing a game 6 in a non-finals scenario when they still had another chance to advance even after the loss 28 YEARS AGO. I haven’t heard this much bellyaching from the combined fandoms of Buffalo, who have a much more legit complaint about being screwed of of a Cup by a referee, and Hartford, Quebec City, and Winnipeg, who all lost their actual franchises, much less a game 6. Losing doesn’t make you special, Leaf Nation, it makes you losers. 

Since I added the Leafs to my hate rankings, they have lost 5 in a row. Coincidence? I think not. 

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Meanwhile, Edmonton got 5 days off last time before playing us when we came off 17 of 22 on the road, and 3 in 4 nights, and the next time we play them they will have had 4 days off after we play the Leafs back to back. Hating a bit on the schedule maker. 

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