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Matt Lauer/Greg Zaun - when will this end??


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The White House said they would not support Moore when it wasnt clear if he could move forward.  Since it seems the Republicans dont care about this sort of things and supporters will do backflips to explain it away, they have decided to support him, but in a way in which they can deny it.  Such as having a campaign rally "near" Alabama and by attacking his opponent.

Keep in mind, the highest profile celebrity and politician accused by multiple women and on record as admitting harassment is President Trump himself.  So why wouldnt he support these guys?

As for when will it end?  This behavior went unchecked for decades.  This could be simply the tip of the iceberg.

I dont want to speculate.  But when it was asked for a prediction, one name that jumped in my heard was a guy who loved making jokes about this for years...makes me wonder why he thought it was so funny. 

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2 minutes ago, kelownabomberfan said:

How about Arnie?  He's not really doing anything right now so he can't really be fired.

He might come out unscathed because he went through the harassment storm a few years ago when he ran for Governor.  So assuming he's been on good behavior since he returned to Hollywood, he might be ok.

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I have to admit, I'm taken aback with how many of these claims have come forward against so many differenr personalities.. its sickening to be honest.  At some point tho, the lines between fact and fiction are going to blur.   It has to be looked at as all are guilty first and foremost in my mind.. cannot shame the victim even if they are not being 100% truthful or else others will be or continue to be fearful of coming forward..


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1 hour ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Geraldo was mentioned by Bette Midler.

Kids, if you want to be a newscaster, don't go to FOX news, you'll lose your sense of right and wrong (seriously I keep seeing posts about how he used to be a legit newsperson, considering how long he's been doing this like since the 70's even being an usher at Sly Stone's MSG wedding)


of course this was probably long before he landed on enemy lines

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