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  1. ediger

    3 stars + HH MIA in bc edition

    Those blown calls didn't seem that critical at the time but given the result the HH goes to the refs.
  2. ediger

    Adidas Out As CFL Apparel Sponsor

    nah, I still wear the **** 😛 Just saying, most of this stuff comes from the same factory regardless of the company.
  3. ediger

    Adidas Out As CFL Apparel Sponsor

    Meh. They'll probably still get the same stuff made by the same child labourers only with a different logo on the collar.
  4. ediger


    Now get this, bro. The ******' ring is SURROUNDED by shaaawks...
  5. ediger


    Aw damn. Flex Appeal on a boat to the Bahamas seems like big money. And a chance to abandon Leo London on some tiny island... 😛
  6. ediger


    PCW Cruise?!?
  7. ediger

    A Long Term Team

    Totally. I've heard from a couple of different people that work for/with the Bombers in different capacities and they've all said there's this sort of fear of Wade. Maybe fear isn't the right word but you definitely wanna get your job done and done properly.
  8. ediger

    A Long Term Team

    Not just Canadian depth but Canadian depth at skill positions. Any old idiot can load up a roster with a buncha fat guys from Weyburn.
  9. also consider that most of the "rookies" we're comparing him to are actually guys who were around on practice rosters or holding clipboards for a few seasons and had a familiarity with the Canadian game.
  10. ediger

    Will Streveler Be Our James Franklin?

    None of the bad things I saw from Streveler last night were things that can't be fixed with some coaching/experience and it was far from all bad. He definitely earned game 2 with last night's play.
  11. ediger

    Some light reading

    The Bombers could do direct snaps every play for the first 5 weeks and still finish higher than the Riders. Their team is putrid this year.
  12. ediger


    Honestly I think the only way Jericho has one last big match in Winnipeg is if he books it himself a la Cody/All In. He wouldn't have to cheapen his rate. Even if he takes a hit he could tell people "Hey, I was the promoter, I took a chance. Still costs $200 k to book me"
  13. ediger


    😣 Why you gotta crush me like that?
  14. ediger


    Cody talking **** about Winnipeg wrestling fans at around the 6:40 mark. He's opening himself up for some good heckling if he ever comes back to town. I'd like to get front row seats just to ask him if we were supposed to be entertained by a Stardust vs. Big Show vs. Santino triple threat or whatever garbage he was booked in here.
  15. ediger


    I'll never understand McMahon's dislike for managers. There's so many possibilities you are eliminating when you don't have them.