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  1. I saw some on Waverley a few weeks ago and figured it must have something to do with Pride Month...
  2. To be fair to the pandemic, hardly anyone ate at Konz pre-pandemic...
  3. North Norfolk has a lot of colonies, but it also has a very large Mennonite population. MacGregor and the surrounding villages have at least six Mennonite churches that I'm aware of, and a very conservative Christian school. I have family in the area, and there's a ton of anti-vax, anti-mask, "personal freedom"-type sentiment...
  4. Go check out his Instagram now! I'm not sure what the injury was in his third year that caused him to retire, but it didn't effect his strength. Dude is jacked and gearing up for a body building competition later this year!
  5. You can buy the biscuit mix in grocery stores, and they're really, really good at home too!
  6. I'd put decent money on Josh Guenter being one of them...
  7. Us Bears fans had high hopes for Meredith in 2017 after his break out 2016 season (as did many fantasy GMs who drafted before the third preseason game), and that knee injury was a huge bummer. Was super excited to see him sign here, and the living in Winnipeg part is a crazy twist to the story!
  8. My dad kicked the crap out of me at chess and ping pong for years and I kept coming back for more. Winning wasn't even a consideration at the start, just trying to get a good spike in once in a while or last more than ten moves. Always learning, always improving...
  9. Any incentives should be retroactive. Why should people be rewarded for holding out? I like the lottery some states are doing. Vaccinated? You are eligible to win a million bucks. Not that it would really help among those anti-gambling Mennonites...
  10. Became eligible for AZ on Friday at noon. Called Dr's office and left a message, then called my local Shoppers and got an appointment for Saturday at 2:30. Felt fine until midnight, but came down with chills and needed Tylenol to get back to sleep. Sunday morning woke up with general aches, tiredness and slight nausea. More Tylenol and was feeling pretty good by lunch. Over-exerted myself and had to take more Tylenol and a nap late in the afternoon. More Tylenol before bed and slept fine. Today I felt pretty tired and sore so I didn't 'go' to work (I WFH), but just took it easy and only took half as much Tylenol. I'm optimistic that with a good sleep I'll be right as rain tomorrow. Short version: AZ --> sore and achey for two days, but nothing serious. Dr's office returned my call today - they expect to have single-dose JNJ available next week. 🤷‍♂️
  11. That's a heck of a resignation package... all for making sure his wife and their friend were adhering to the Billy Graham rule...
  12. I'm curious where this 'known cluster' in the Southern Health region is, as it really shot up today. Is it still linked to a colony or Steinbach? Or is there a new community with an outbreak?
  13. The lineup was in the eastbound curb lane, where there is no back lane and the driveways go right on to Jubilee. They literally have an entire bridge they could have people line up six feet apart on. Or send the line down the sidewalk...
  14. I haven't looked at job postings at other organizations once during this whole thing. Used to do it pretty regularly. Wasn't actively looking to move on, just liked to see what was out there. Working from home is awesome, and has removed 90%+ of any desire to look elsewhere. You want to retain employees after this, show that you've learned something from this and give them at least some flexibility to work from home.
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