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  1. Don't forget about the agility and frisbee-catching dogs! Sorry: novelty flying disc-catching dogs.
  2. Ads have been showing up in my social media feeds, but that's the only place I've seen anything.
  3. It's just too bad we spent that pick on Ekakatie...
  4. I would just offer some sort of incentives for doctors to set up their own clinics at those locations (minimum patient volume guarantee or compensation for minimum billing shortfall). Just spitballingā€¦
  5. I agree, but the question was about how my proposal to put walk-in clinics next to ERs jived with the closing of Quick Care clinics. I guess what I never understood was what Quick Care clinics offered that family doctors and walk-ins don't. Nurse practitioners? Great, but why not just allow them to set up their own practices? I can't drive five minutes in Winnipeg without seeing a new doctor's office advertising that they are accepting patients.
  6. Quick Care Clinics (at least the ones I'm aware of) had a lot of flaws that did not make them good for what I was describing. They weren't adjacent to hospitals, they had limited hours (like, worse than banks), and (at least when I went) you were encouraged to call ahead and make an appointment and were discouraged from walking in. They were very nice and modern inside though, so it wasn't surprising to see them snapped up by doctors when the leases were cancelled. The nurse practitioner model was also great, and needs to be expanded exponentially.
  7. You're right, bumps in the road was underselling it. However, I'd prefer that they try something over just kicking the can down the road with the status quo that will never get better. The Vic transition to urgent care seems to have gone better than the Concordia and 7 Oaks (maybe folks in those areas are just making more noise?). That one seems to have had a more definitive plan and time frame. I still think that a good way to drive down wait times would be to re-direct people who have no business being at an ER (or Urgent care) in the first place. Set up a 24-hour walk-in beside each one and have the triage nurse tell them they can either wait 12 hours at the ER, or much less at the walk-in. They can't turn people with the sniffles away, but they could realistically present them with their options...
  8. Politicians who try to implement changes like this are in a tough spot. It's not them doing the work, and 95% of them have no experience with anything like this, but they're going to get all the blame. Right now they're relying on the folks over at the WRHA to pull this off (Dr. Brock Wright ring a bell? he's been near the top there since long before this government came in), and of course there will be bumps in the road. Gotta give them credit for at least trying though...
  9. After the NDP and the Bipole 3 fiasco, I had hope this time around...
  10. Maybe you could convince them to get some 2.5% radlers on tap to moderate the alcohol intake a little...
  11. Good news! They've expanded it outside! There are 250 patio seats and a place to procure drinks in the area between the market, the canopy, and the river.
  12. Oh geeze you guys, this is hitting way too close to home. A bolt of lightning might strike me for saying this, but the best farmer sausage you can get in Winnipeg is the stuff Miller's Meats makes in-house. Even better than Pioneer *crouches in fear*. Goes on sale all the time too! Here's a Mennonite dad joke from my Winklerite father-in-law: What do you call two Winkler ambulance drivers who are fighting? Pair-a-mad-Dycks Groan.
  13. Interesting. Hamilton picked before us, and their guy went to the PR, while Kimi in TO wasn't even drafted in the first round. I'm assuming the other teams are rostering Mexicans? Did any of the other global players show anywhere close to as well as Thiadric did in the pre-season games? (or show anything at all?) https://www.cfl.ca/2019/04/11/first-cfl-european-draft-take-place-1-p-m-et/
  14. Not in football shape because he's still recovering from an injury, right. šŸ˜‰
  15. Cameras need to zoom out about 25%. Can't see plays developing at all (no different than the in-stadium cameras). Audio sync is nice though.
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