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  1. The lineup was in the eastbound curb lane, where there is no back lane and the driveways go right on to Jubilee. They literally have an entire bridge they could have people line up six feet apart on. Or send the line down the sidewalk...
  2. ...until you go to Santa Ana.
  3. nate007


    I haven't looked at job postings at other organizations once during this whole thing. Used to do it pretty regularly. Wasn't actively looking to move on, just liked to see what was out there. Working from home is awesome, and has removed 90%+ of any desire to look elsewhere. You want to retain employees after this, show that you've learned something from this and give them at least some flexibility to work from home.
  4. nate007


    The real person to call is Dr. Feelgood. He's the one that makes you feel alright.
  5. nate007


    Most government work these days is just sending emails that used to be accomplished through phone calls and face-to-face conversations. That and completing RASs and RAIAs. 😆
  6. How does any Papa Murphy's stay in business when you can get a stuffed crust Delissio that tastes just as good for less than half the price?
  7. Pretty cool that the first Bomber QB to sign in the NFL in forever is going to be playing for a HC that's also a former Bomber QB...
  8. ...and into the main floor at TNS. Good luck security guards!
  9. Went at lunch today... was super packed - they didn't leave a lot of room to line up at the vendors. My brisket hash from Miss Browns was delicious, but you're going to spend at least $15-$20 to get lunch. That might be fine for the suits at TDS, but I'll stick to my brown bag most of the time. They also have security guards posted to keep the riffraff from CityPlace and Portage Place from wandering over...
  10. Hargrave Market opens in TNS this weekend. Will be interesting to see how it stacks up against the Forks. I think only having one brewer vs what The Common has going on will be a weakness. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/hargrave-st-market-bobby-mottola-jim-ludlow-true-north-square-1.5389636https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/hargrave-st-market-bobby-mottola-jim-ludlow-true-north-square-1.5389636
  11. When he was HC here Lapo used to brag about motivating the players with video cut-ups of Joe Louis, because he was part of where the team got its name. What's he going to use in Ottawa? Lumberjack videos?
  12. Big Chris would probably be a lot to handle. Matt or Zach would probably be more gentle...
  13. Great response, but if I was ever in that position, I'd say something like: "With each other? I haven't heard anything about that going on so far this season, but the ancient Greeks did encourage it amongst their soldiers so they'd fight more fiercely for each other on the battle field. Maybe that's worth looking into..."
  14. It looked more to me like the player behind him had grabbed O'Shea's ass or given him an impromptu prostate check...
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