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  1. But, if we beat Calgary the next two weeks, we then get to host them for the WSF instead of traveling out there...
  2. You do - you might get a cool/horrifying story out of it...
  3. Haven't been following this thread, so I don't know if it's been mentioned before, but Big Mouth season three comes out on Friday. Do yourself a favour and watch this show, because it's freaking hilarious. Incredibly no-holds-barred look at puberty by some awesome comedians.
  4. It's the ones who are big NCAA names but won't ever see big NFL money that stand to benefit the most. I'm thinking of the non pro-style QBs, tweeners, etc. They will at least be able to make something off their time in the college spotlight. Probably a lot of basketball guys who fit that description as well.
  5. https://dailybonnet.com/andrew-scheer-insurance-schjekbenjel/?fbclid=IwAR16ETRrq34-LlZYJpsmj_y-4y0WqgiH1dZD8BRDW-w6mD9FUza-ydcDgJ0 🤣
  6. Technically, you can work as a 'broker' without a licence under the supervision of someone who does have one. But does it really matter? He was a nobody and is just trying to sound like a little bit less of a nobody. I don't know who I'm voting for, but I'm specifically not voting for Scheer because of his stupid boutique tax credit promises. Talk about real tax system reform and you'll get my attention.
  7. Don't bring platforms into this discussion! This thread is about whose leader is less likable and which party is more woke!
  8. I was specifically referencing Brian Sinclair, so that was during the NDP's time. We're pretty close to the Vic, and it was still fantastic the last time someone in the family needed stitches. The bottom line is that if you didn't call 911 and aren't riding in an ambulance, you probably don't need an ER and an Urgent Care will serve you just fine. All the people complaining about needing to 'drive all the way across the city' for an ER are either mis-informed, mis-using them, or (were) using scare tactics to try to get votes.
  9. Was a little off in my predictions. Those Greens can't get a break! Wheeler gets 237 votes in McPhillips... Didn't watch much election coverage, but did catch an in-studio interview at CBC where they interviewed a 'former social worker' who appeared to be in her early 20s (at least she dressed and spoke like she was). She lamented the PC victory, and said that they were going to cause people to 'start dying in ER waiting rooms'. Um, maybe pick up an old newspaper or something...
  10. I'm guessing Kewatinook and Thompson back to the NDP, plus four Winnipeg seats. PCs lose four, Libs lose two. Upset: Greens take Wolseley! PC - 36, NDP - 19, Lib - 2, Green - 1.
  11. I'm talking about which of two similarly qualified candidates would make a party more electable, and political parties are in the business of being elected. Also, the qualifications for who is 'best' suited to lead a province or country are a little broader and more ambiguous than determining who the 'best' doctor to do your prostate exam is...
  12. In terms of job performance, I agree, but it does make a difference when it comes to selecting the face of your party and trying to win elections. I'm not saying they should be selecting someone just because he/she checks a box. What I'm saying is that when the next election rolls around, a PC party led by a smart, articulate woman from an urban constituency will be more electable than an PC party lead by an equally smart and articulate middle-aged white guy from a rural riding (particularly a conservative Christian who you know the opposition will try to rake over the coals regarding women's reproductive rights).
  13. Nothing against Friesen personally (I've actually got in-laws in Winkler who are close with him), but I'm not sure if the best thing for that party is another middle-aged white guy at the helm...
  14. I dunno, if the PCs select a well-spoken female leader and out-flank the NDP somewhat on the 'progressiveness' front, and they don't go into full privatization mode and sell off a bunch of crowns in the next four years, it would take a lot of wind out of the NDP's sails. I've been quite impressed in conversations with my MLA, Rochelle Squires. If they make Cameron Friesen or Kelvin Goertzen, etc. their next leader, the NDP would be licking their lips come 2023...
  15. PCs pledge to phase out school taxes from property tax bills... Can't happen fast enough!
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