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  1. Hard to get beat when you aren't there! 😉
  2. Will depend on ticket prices (says the Mennonite Winnipegger).
  3. So the guy just stood there and recorded it?
  4. I had that poster! Hung next to the one of Westwood and Cameron hanging out sitting on the yellow metal beams under the bleachers at Winnipeg Stadium.
  5. 2017 draft looking better all the time...
  6. Well, maybe their parents for their genetics... Truth is, sometimes you can't out-work your genetics (see Ruettiger, Rudy).
  7. Maybe I misread, but I understood one new spot was being created this year, and two next year...
  8. It's being forced down your throat? They created extra roster spots, so no one is being displaced, and you won't see these guys on the field except for maybe the odd special teams play.
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/concordia-hospital-er-peachey-recommendation-1.5138452 Good news for Transcona and the Kildonans. Urgent care centres are great, as they still do a lot of the things that ERs do (wife got stitches in her hand at the Vic last summer, and was in and out in under an hour). Overall, I think that the reorganization makes a lot of sense (would you rather have three really good and properly resourced ERs, or six that are stretched too thin?). Like any major change, there will obviously be some bugs that need to get worked out. I also think that they need to do a much better job of educating the public on what kind of ailments should go to the ER vs quick care clinics vs walk-ins and family doctors. It would probably be a good idea to have someone open a walk in clinic beside each ER, and have the triage nurse direct people to go there if they do not have an emergency... (Should we have a separate Manitoba politics thread?)
  10. When did the injury actually occur? Tried using my Google machine to find out, but the first reports of him missing the 2018 season are from last August...
  11. I'm not sure how many players make under $65k, but let's say it's 25 per team. Not factoring in guys already making $65-$75k who might want to get a bump to stay above the minimum, you'd be looking at a max salary increase (next year) of $250k to those guys if they were all at the minimum. The salary cap goes up by $100k in that time as well, so you're looking at shifting about $150k from veteran starters to rookies and backups. I think a GM like Walters who is good at finding guys will do just fine.
  12. Only playing four offensive linemen would be pretty bad... 😁
  13. Wasn't he also the downfall of Tee Martin? Or was that Brazzel or Bowman?
  14. Me too. He got a raw deal from Dallas when they released him before even knowing the details of his (completely bogus) charges.
  15. People are quick to mention Pencer and Ettienne and examples of Mack's draft busts, but I think Kris Robertson deserves some recognition as well. I'm pretty sure Mack drafted him 11th overall in 2013 based entirely on his 40 time. Don't think he even made it through a single training camp.
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