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  1. Andrew Harris is my neighbor. About 20 Bombers came over to my place. I would invite you but we dont wear masks
  2. that is for when you do a speech. we are talking play by play.
  3. Spoke with few bombers about an hour ago and they are not optimistic that Andrew Harris is returning anytime soon. With Bob Irving's comments that Adams could be in the lineup next week, Harris by Labour Day is even doubtful. Brady had a good stat game but obviously he wasn't playing against a competent line with Hamilton missing DL and having to play out of position in the front 6 they didn't even rotate and the Bombers OL were dominant all game. There is no chance Brady is good enough to be a #1 RB and the Bombers should be looking at bringing someone in. There are quite a few good ones available including the PR from other teams.
  4. lol my god people here enjoy arguing. Delivery is the voice. Its the sound that comes out of your mouth. What is it? how you stand? I know people like you and can imagine you are going to say its how you present yourself. But thats not delivery. That is technique and presentation. How you deliver a speech is not the same as how you deliver doing play by play cause there is no eye to eye contact. Now you have been educated The guy that is doing the elks redblacks game has an amateur voice. Its riddles. he should be a sideline reporter. Its not bothering me but its sad we don't have any great broadcasters in canada anymore outside Cuthbert. After Bob Cole retired even HNIC is awful That never happened. And if it did it would be for few seconds. Ever watch a basketball game? same issue. The score bug is hooked up to the automatic in house electronic board for both time and score. We saw it tonight when Ottawa got a TD then it got called back they added another 6 to it. So because of that for like 30 seconds if you went on the TSN app or even CFL.ca it would have shown 15-3. They have to edit the bug and remove the entry and add 3 again.
  5. no offense but by showing what the stock market is like DOW and NASDAQ is irrelevant to the viability of the market Now I know by just your post that you do no know how the market correlates to the financial component of the economy. The USA index rating is 2.5 which basically means it can't lend or borrow $ or sell bonds without approval of the senate. This is why inflation is high. Not sure if you are aware of what is goin going on in the USA. Corporations are taking a beating but luckily Trump gave them a underwriting policy on tax credits they can use till 2025. This is why many corporations moved back into the USA and was able to hire. Thats whats happening in Alberta. They are at a very low unemployment rate. It has nothing to do with the economy it has everything to do with the breaks the PC's gave in 2018 and they are utilizing this to recoup losses by writing off their capital gains. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/gdp-growth This makes your article mute as its irrelevant. Your article is literally fake news propaganda trying to make fun of fox news. its not even comparable to reality. Just wait for whats in store in Canada. Gas prices will hit 2 dollars in Manitoba within 2 yrs. Milk will be 7.5 in 2 yrs. Meat will be 30% higher. We are already seeing vegetables increased. Vehicles will be 30% higher. Sadly the future is not good plus canada pension fund is shot to hell now that the gov't spent trillion dollars on helping out corporations during covid and handing out free money for those not deserving
  6. Wittman was with Kepley and Curry. CBC loved when Wittman worked with Lancaster and Curry cause their voices all balanced each other. You should read the book on Wittman.
  7. https://alexflanagan.com/what-makes-a-good-play-by-play-announcer/#:~:text=The best play-by-play,t understand what's being said. I am extremely knowledgeable about sports and broadcasting. Clearly... As I gave examples earlier I know all the best were hired due to their voice. Remember Dave Hodge? He was removed from HNIC play by play to host cause of his voice. CBC sports president made the decision that his voice wasn't fitting for HNIC for the nation with what they had in the cbc department. https://alexflanagan.com/what-makes-a-good-play-by-play-announcer/#:~:text=The best play-by-play,t understand what's being said. if i knew how to survive in the wildness could i not watch survivor? exactly. So its irrelevant. You are just going around in circles as the facts are the facts. Voice is everything. This is why Rod Black is doing play by play Noeller? who is he. Never heard of him. delivery is the voice.
  8. did you hire at TSN1290? lol. Chris Cuthbert if you listen to him is almost the exact same as Rod Black. For all the faults fans whine about Black Cuthbert does the same thing. I enjoy both cause they have a great voice and are enthusiastic about the game. I would say you wouldn't even find another broadcaster that loves the CFL more than Rod Black. Plus he is a Winnipeger that most of his family still live in the city. Peter Mansbridge is another great example. People today would think he is horrible but he is one of the best cause his delivery is gold. Similar to Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings. They train broadcasters to bring out a certain talent which is why our media is crap. A smile and choice of words is nothing. Its all delivery.
  9. Blue Bombers vs Tiger Cats received just over 700k average with 1.2 million peak not including RDS - For some reason the research date released says that Ottawa, Atlantic Canada, Yukon, NWT, and Northern Saskatchewan and Western Ontario are not included in the ratings. so whenever we get a # released its not all of Canada. Kind of pointless. Will update Riders/Lions when available
  10. you mean someone's experience matters? Like 20 years working in the science field and working with ebola virus and sars? hmm that sounds like me. Clearly you have your own opinion and you could be doing the hiring for a network and if we competed your broadcasting coverage would be inferior to mine. People are in the business that actually do the hiring have different views. CBS, CBC, RSN, FOX,etc - Just remember people didn't give a ratz about Curt Keilback cause he was good at one liners or how well he followed the play (average at best) it was his voice. Just ask Curt who I know very well and his son. Everywhere he goes people go up to him and say ''your voice was my childhood. Your voice made jets hockey'' -- it wasn't '' Curt i loved your one liners, or the wrap around'' If you don't believe me just ask him.
  11. I'm not a fan of diversity hirings cause its just wrong. You hire the best for the position. There are only 2 people within the company that could or should do the job and its her or Duthie. Kate has experience hosting CFL and she is a pure fan of the league and sport. This was not a diversity hiring it was 100% on qualifications. Voice leads and will always lead the way. I get what you are saying but how hard is it after the voice? Less is more in broadcasting. Collaros back to pass, has Adams, and he drops the ball. Thats it. Now if you listen to Bob Irving doing radio he has the voice and tone. He makes what all of you call Rod Black mistakes. He at times is horrible, but could care less cause all he has to do is just let me know if it was a run or pass and how many yards the play was and what down and distance. EASY! On TV its totally different. And the tone of the voice is the most important part of tv play by play cause you are watching the game and you should already know who has the ball and what down/distance.
  12. Wearing masks do not prevent the spread of covid in every environment. You should be wearing masks in various elements but not everywhere should be required. Like at the Blue Bomber game. It wouldn't help.
  13. Biden is one of the worst presidents in history already. But he and Harris cant do much about it. They spent 4 yrs attacking Trump and making up lies about him, then just said the opposite with everything and tried to undo the good Trump did do. The border is a mess. The financial market is a disaster. Covid has become political. I worked 4 months in New York in a lab and we were forbidden to share anything to media and weren't allowed to speak with non-family about the science we discovered. Inflation will make its way to Canada and people like Manitoba Ontario Alberta are going to pay big time for it.
  14. Word on the street in Winnipeg is that Red Lobster building has been sold and has a 6 month lease term. Then they are either closing for good or relocating to near Ikea
  15. Toronto Argos are going to be the team to beat if their QB and RB play is solid enough. Tonight the Argos with the boatmen logo will beat the Calgary Stampeders. +7.5 points? this is not the same stamps team. Sure they could have some nice up and coming players but people do not realize how average their OL will be and how dominant the Argos DL will be. Oakman is a top 15 NFL 1st round pick. Ray was a 1st round pick who will blossom into a star in the CFL. Him playing off the edge in the CFL and how the Argos will run their DL packages Oakmand/Ray/Hughes should all become stars this season. They have terrific receivers. Thompsonhas to be excited he has a chance to win with this team and he might actually become the #1 QB if they keep winning. they would have won the game if they had a kicker. He is too small. He is like 4-5
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