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  1. It was a good night here in Belen. I started off listening to the game on CJOB then found a live stream of the game on YouTube. The only undefeated team in the CFL? GO BOMBERS! Good night everyone in Winnipeg!
  2. It has been a very nice Sunday as I woke up and checked the final score from Vancouver. ;-) Have a good week up in Winnipeg! .... 2,386km away in Belen, New Mexico.
  3. Go Bombers! All the way to the Grey Cup and take the trophy home. From the banks of the Mighty Rio Grande in Belen, New Mexico U.S.A.
  4. Well....that and Breaking Bad, Tony Hillerman's stories that were turned into movies and a great movie filmed in ABQ called Sunshine Cleaning. And I've posted this before so, what the heck, why not again. I worked one day on this set in my town of Belen, NM.
  5. Just so you know, New Mexico isn't exactly like the rest of the country. I call it the last frontier in the lower 48. Don't always assume we have what the rest of the country has even in terms of plumbing. ha ha That is what I like about this place after spending 30 years in over-regulated California. There are few rules out here. You can carry your gun on your hip. You can live in a shack and no one really pays attention. It is very cheap down here. That is why we get our fair share of interesting people like Don up in ABQ.
  6. I tell you...what a great idea. Of course, how is the Canadian dollar doing these days?
  7. I am 250 miles North of Juarez. I think a Rider infestation is as bad as the Cartels running their drugs into my country. Hmmm....I will have to get on the phone and call my President. I have his personal line you know. This isn't Canada....ha ha.
  8. I love the crowbar idea. You know, I live in the 5th largest state in terms of square miles but, with only 2.1 million people. There is a lot of open land and hidden spots where no one would find you in this lifetime? Hmmm.....thinking of that Gangster movie "Casino".
  9. If that is true, they certainly won't expect a rabid Bomber's fan in New Mexico. I may have to get a "Riders Suck" shirt. ha ha Time to take home some of those complimentary barf bags on my next Southwest flight.
  10. This weekend, I was at my local Love's Truck Stop to fill up my truck. While waiting in line to pay, a man came in wearing a Rider's shirt (a thicker pull over). He didn't get in line and went past me. My first reaction to seeing that puke green shirt with their emblem .... it hearkened back to the days when I lived in the Bay Area and saw Chiefs or Broncos fans or worst of all a Whiner's fans at a Raider's game. It's that moment where the animal instinct comes out but, you somehow catch it before it manifests into something worse. ha ha Go Bombers!!!
  11. Absolutely. I would love to come up to Winnipeg and see a game. I will let you know if I can arrange it.
  12. Well, what can you say. Fell short of making the Grey Cup by one game. One lousy game. Anyway, thank you to everyone on this forum who adopted me during my first season as a Bombers Fan. I am never going to back to the NFL. -Doug
  13. AMEN from New Mexico, U.S.A. ;-) A lot of hope at my house along the banks of the mighty Rio Grande for the Bombers to win this weekend. I will be listening and watching online. I leave on Monday for 8 days in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix). Thanksgiving is next Thursday down here. I would love to watch the Grey Cup while in a Hawaiian Shirt and shorts in Phoenix! GO BOMBERS !!!!
  14. I will never be a Canadian that is for sure. Like you will never be a New Mexican. (That could be a good thing but, I will never let on to that fact...ha ha)
  15. I hate the Greenies already. There is no way I will ever root for those idiots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIaLtLKERJQ
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