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The 2024 Grim Reaper Thread

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the politics got in the way and muddied the water of his reputation, but strictly from a musical standpoint, he's one of the greatest that genre ever had. For a certain generation, he's their Merle Haggard. I'm thankful for the musical memories over the years. **** cancer so much. 

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1 hour ago, kelownabomberfan said:

Reminds me of John Wayne in 1979, after they had removed his stomach.



My wife is an Oncology Nurse. She told me when someone  like John Wayne, Toby Keith & Jack Layton look like they did, it's a condition called Terminal Cachexia which is the final stage of cancer. It's characterized by severe weight loss including muscle mass, looking gaunt, anemia, loss of appetite, weakness & fatigue. When cancer patients reach that point their life expectancy is less than 3 months.

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Dammit, I hated to read this, she was on a pretty famous Nick News with Linda Ellerbee episode where AIDS was being discussed with Magic Johnson


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