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2022 CFL Season - Non Back 2 Back Champs News

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Anyone need a couple tickets to the home opener on Friday?? I'm going with a large group so ive got my 2 seasons available. Section 208 Row 10 Seats 13+14. Nice seats, on the aisle, nearly dead-center. $80 for the pair(season ticket discount). Send me a message!

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4 hours ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

How can a punter hurt himself at practice?

Land ackward after a punt and twist an ankle?

Probably could have a real freak of nature accident where it's ackward enough to mess up a knee (ACL/MCL/Mensicus)

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3 minutes ago, Jpan85 said:

Works in Ottawa now and is not from Saskatchewan 

Not born there, however she is currently a reporter with CTV Regina and her instagram background is of Mosaic field. Ill revise my former statement to "transplanted Rider Prider"

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