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The Toyko Summer Olympics Thread

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Andre De Grasse is now an Olympic champion.  

The 26-year-old from Markham, Ont., posted a time of 19.62 seconds in the 200-metre final on Wednesday at Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, capturing the one medal that had eluded him until now: gold.

De Grasse now has five career medals at the Games — he's won a medal in every event he's competed in at the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. 

It's the first time a Canadian man has won the 200 since Percy Williams did it in 1928 at the Games in Amsterdam — and it's only the third time in the history of the Olympics a Canadian has captured the gold medal in the event.

De Grasse's time is a new personal best and Canadian record in the 200m.


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I can't fathom being world-class in one of those events, nevermind 10 of them!  He was so comfortably ahead he didn't even need to try too hard in the 1500m.  He just sort of hung back, middle of the pack most of the race but then kicked it up at the end to finish top 5 and pass the 9000 point mark.

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On 2021-07-26 at 4:45 AM, TrueBlue4ever said:

Ok, a bit to unpack here. Let’s start at the end with “like I said” - don’t recall you saying that before, I thought your displeasure was tied only to holding THESE games, I assumed due to the COVID risk. And if you stopped at “I am not interested”, fine, to each their own. But when you label the hosting of the Games as “selfish and completely irresponsible” I chuckle at how angry you seem to get over it. 
So if you have a moral objection to watching the Games at all, which from your questions seems to be the case, that’s fine if that is your stance, I just didn’t know your antipathy was for the whole movement and not just these Games specifically. And I won’t argue that the IOC isn’t a corrupt organization who hide behind the myth of the purity of amateur competition, when of course they are massively crooked. But I can separate the movement from the competition and enjoy the events independent of my feelings for the corporate shenanigans. If your moral compass makes you take that stand, good on you, but are you consistent with your moral outrage when it conflicts with a sport you love more? More on that in a second. 

To answer your questions, no nations probably shouldn’t run these Games at a massive loss, but they do so what am I going to do about it? I come to watch the events, not balance the budget. And to me, the cost to me of cheering on Canada (be it the cost of my cable bill to watch on TV, or my tax dollars to fund these athletes) isn’t so grievous that I am writing my MP to demand that we stop. And my National pride at seeing us do well is something I have not quantified in dollars and left me feeling short-changed. That’s just me. 

Could money spent on these Games be better spent on more worthy social causes, sure. But one can argue that one’s time is better spent fighting racial and gender injustice than typing out words on a football fan blog, that spending money on Bomber season tickets should take a back seat to spending that money donating to Cancer research, or that spending tax payer money to build a football stadium should not be allowed when indigenous reserves don’t have road access or clean drinking water in the 21st century. But are you willing to boycott the CFL on those same principles you espouse for the Olympics, or is you moral and ethical outrage selective and only when it suits your interest to be so (a.k.a. You don’t care about those sports so you can kick up a fuss). It may be just as irresponsible to play CFL football while the pandemic continues and we ship in Americans whose vaccine status may be more questionable, but fair to say from the past year that there was tons of objection to the CFL NOT playing last season. Didn’t see the “selfish and totally irresponsible” argument then. So where is the consistency with your high moral ground I would wonder?

And i am not agreeing or disagreeing with “geopolitization” as I am not sure what you mean, so please explain to me if you want to, I would seek for information before arguing that point. I may say you are completely right. But it also may not stop me from watching myself. 

Bottom line, if you aren’t interested in it, sure no problem. But if you need to list reasons of morality to justify your angry boycott and want to claim some high ground because the movement and the money offends you, are you consistent with your dislike and disdain universally and maintain your principles across the board with spending on sports, or just when it is selectively convenient for you because it doesn’t impact your happiness in that specific instance?

You can do whatever the hell you want. I don't care. End of story. Please go cherry pick someone else's posts. 

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18 minutes ago, bigg jay said:

Add another bronze to the list - men's 4x100 relay team.

De Grasse has never entered an Olympic event that he hasn't medaled in. Crazy. I just watched the replay he was a rocket. He seemed faster than any other runner out there. 

Also, just watched the replay of the 5,000M final. Great race for Mo Ahmed. Pulled away for silver. I just wish he was closer to the lead coming into the final lap and he may have taken it. 

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Thought I'd watch a bit of the Gold medal soccer game while I had coffee and breakfast . I ended up watching the rest of the game. Not a fan of shootouts in hockey but holy crap that  was a thrilling end. Canadian goaltender  Labbe sure worked the psych game on the shoot outs.  Congratulations Ladies. Absolutely brilliant ! 

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On 2021-08-05 at 8:46 AM, iHeart said:

we probably won't exceed our medal count from Rio 2016 but they've exceeded the gold and silve medal count right now we are 5-5-8


I'm so glad I was wrong


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