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TSN1290 - Shutting Down

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10 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

Checked it out, thought it was a live broadcast of guys fishing!

ha ha no, not that one......but I do watch live broadcasts of guys fishing sometimes. I'm a big fan of Keewatin's Jeff "Gussy" Gustafsson, who competes on the Bass Master Elite Series Tour in the US, and they have actual live TV coverage of that (it's kinda similar to golf coverage) and can't believe how addicting it is to watch....yeeeesh. Friggin' bass fishing on TV (actually on my laptop, because it's online...) 

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I have to say, I left TSN1290 long ago. This past year, I've barely listened. I liked Hustler but that morning show has been horrible for years.  But, to treat your staff that way? Embarrassing. 

This just sucks. I like that station. Also **** Bell. Got millions in Covid $ from the feds and now they're laying people off. Shitty company.

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