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That’s baloney.            He was already insufferable way before the trade. 

So he's been a Jacket for less than a week and he's already been benched.  

No team is giving up a prospect of Perfetti's level for 1.25 years of Ekholm. 

6 hours ago, Tony Fresco said:

So last night, Patrick Marleau ties Mr Hockey's record for games played (1767).  I'll just leave this little interesting tidbit to wrap your head around ....



Since someone took the time to this to do this:

1. Who is the mode?

2. Taking Jean Beliveau as the mean - we need to know how many standard deviations above the mean Marleau is.

3. We also need some form of weighted mean. Like, whatever the dude can provide.

4. Also, living in a visual society - we need all of it plotted on the normal curve. 

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