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Jets Prospects

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Seems that everyone wants us to have an average age of 21 years old next year.

Not sure I understand the benefit of having the youngest team in the league.  In fact that sounds awful.  There are a lot of problems with rushing these kids into the lineup too quickly.

Of course I said that all last offseason but everyone was sure we would be better off then too.  I think it's something about these young players still being unknowns that make people get their hopes up way too high.

It's like this Ladd deal.  Sure, we got a good haul for him, but guess what?  The Jets are worse today than they were a couple days ago.  You can't just keep getting worse and then hope one day we magically get better.  When does this team start making moves to improve?  Why is it that in the fifth year of the Jets we seem to be embarking on a new "five year plan"?

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There is a pretty good correlation between the average age of a team and where they currently sit in the standings (younger = lower).

The other problem with getting all these young players around the same time is that they will all also be coming up for big contracts around the same time, and it is unlikely to be able to afford them all.

Unless the plan is to hope that you can get / identify 6 - 8 true core players like Chicago has out of all the prospects, sign them and trade the rest, then maybe that works, but we are a ways out from seeing that.

Getting the feeling that fans are generally underwhelmed with the return on Ladd.

Before the trade deadline a lot of people were talking about how we had to get something for Ladd and something for Buff or it would be devastating and a huge fail on the organization.   I always argued there was value in keeping a player if it meant a playoff run, especially for getting playoff experience for younger players.

Now of course it made sense to trade Ladd because we weren't getting into the playoffs and all of this is purely hypothetical, but now that we've seen the return for Ladd, does it really make that big of a difference in the future of this organization?  If Ladd was unsigned and we were heading into the playoffs, would you rather keep Ladd or get the pick and Dano?

I'd rather have kept Ladd.

Agree with Atomic.  People love to criticize the players on this team when they see them play every day. Depending on the day and poster, Enstrom, Myers, Stafford, Stuart, Thorburn are all the favourite whipping boys.   But future pick and prospects are all fantastic.  The truth is most of them will turn into the equivalents or be lucky to have the career of the favourite whipping boys.

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I think some people don't understand the purpose of getting younger. It's not for bragging rights. If you're youth has talent it bodes well for the future 

should we have traded ladd for an aging veteran? Ofcourse not. So what if we're young?  Having talented older players have resulted on zero playoffs wins. 

No one has suggested trading wheeler or buff. Stafford isn't a key piece. So what's the problem?

no one has suggested rushing guys either.  Petan plays for the moose. De Leo plays for the moose. Morrissey plays for the moose. Who's being rushed?  Ehlers? He plays hockey at a pro level. Not a rush. 

Dano? Has NHL experience. And he may get sent down. Who knows. 

Connor? maybe he makes the jets. Maybe he doesn't. 

id rather Habe an exciting young team that gets better and makes the playoffs then a consistently just good enough to miss the playoffs veteran team who's guys she out of value or walk away for nothing. 

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I think your missing the point here and with your ridiculous reply in the Marco Dano thread.

No one has said Ladd should have been traded for an ageing vet.   I even said I was fine with the Ladd trade given where we are in the standings.  I also have no problem with not signing Ladd for what he wanted.

The comment that Atomic made is that we are a worse team today then we were two days ago.  That is absolutely true.

Looking at the team again next year, I think there is a good chance you are going to see much of the same as this year.  If we have to add another 2 -3 rookies, I would be shocked to see it turn out much different.

It isn't fun paying $100+ a game to watch this team play right now.  I'm not really looking forward to doing it again next year.  

Funny thing is the Jets also just sent out the email looking for deposits for the playoffs (although it did said credit cards won't be charged until a playoff spot is confirmed, they are just looking for commitments so they know if they have to sell the playoff tickets).  I get that they have to do it because we aren't technically eliminated yet, but that is a brutal email with the team's record and play this year.

This is more about the macro direction of the team, not the specifics of Ladd.  If we are going to always be one of the younger teams amongst the lowest payroll, I wonder how long the shine of this team will stay on.  By the time Scheifele, Trouba, and Ehlers hit their late 20's, are we going to have to move them out as well to "make way for the youth".

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Then it's a silly discussion point. The intent was to be worse now than two days ago. Mission accomplished. 

My post wasn't ridiculous. It was sarcastic.  I'm far more excited about bringing young talented hockey players than keeping aging vets at an over payment. 

And the jets aren't dumping veterans anyway. They traded one guy they would otherwise lose for nothing.   

Its psychological. If they traded ladd then signed buff all anyone would be talking about is how committed the jets are to keeping their talented core.   It might suck to pay to watch a team lose but winning in sports is mostly a long game anyway. 

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Fairly simple solution to this argument... sign a couple vets in FA.

The presence of Stuart on this team has been for leadership for a long time, in the past, we've ignored his poor play.  This year, he's really lost a step.  Same with Pardy.

Stafford and Burmi both have bad habits, they are not the vet leaders this team needs.  Get rid of them.

Yes, we are worse today... but this team hasn't ever been capable of being more than average. We had all our vets on deck for that awful run in October...

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I dont have an issue with them bringing in veteran hell next year if they feel they need it. But we have little and wheeler and buff and Enstrom and Stafford.  Scheif going into year 4. Perreault has been around. I'm not sure ladd leaves this gaping leadership void.  If he does, yes address it. 

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This situation didn't start this year and won't be resolved this year. The makeup of the jets had to be addressed for the long term when they arrived here from Atlanta. Does anybody not think the Jets "organization", in its totality, is better off now than when they were a franchise in Atlanta? Did fans really believe because the Jets made the playoffs last year that 'powerhouse team' was just around the corner?  From where we were, to where the Jets are headed, I believe this team is way ahead. Now, what has to be addressed is the right mixture of heady vets and ready rooks. There's talent there, we just have to have it complemented.

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I have a feeling that this kid has a chance to something special, real special in fact, if he signs after his season is done we might get to see him for a couple of games this season, if not training camp should be real interesting .

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Winnipeg sun


Kyle Connor isn't ready to let himself think, let alone talk, about what the future may bring.

It's become apparent that the Winnipeg Jets prospect is going to have an important decision to make once his freshman season with the University of Michigan Wolverines comes to an end.

But Connor, who is one of the most prolific scorers in the NCAA this season, is determined to keep that season alive for as long as possible.

“It's huge,” Connor said after scoring two goals in a 7-1 victory over the Penn State Nittany Lions at Yost Ice Arena on Friday night. “Obviously, you play out the season. Winnipeg will have their input, then I'll sit down with my family and with coach (Red) Berenson and we'll see what's best for me.”

Connor didn't expand on what will factor into his final decision, but he's a bright guy and will give it plenty of thought.

With those two goals Friday, Connor now has 28 goals and 59 points in 33 games – with the regular-season finale set for Saturday night.

As a point of reference, Detroit Red Wings centre Dylan Larkin had 15 goals and 47 points in 35 games as a freshman for the Wolverines last season and Buffalo Sabres centre Jack Eichel had 26 goals and 71 points in 40 games as a freshman for Boston University.

Both made a seamless transition to the NHL.

Obviously, all three of those guys are different players but it stands to reason that Connor is going to explore the possibility of signing an entry-level deal and giving professional hockey a shot.

For the time being, Connor finds himself right in the thick of the chase for the Hobey Baker Award, given annually to the top player in NCAA men's hockey.

“I don't try to think about that at all,” said Connor, who is listed at 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds. “To be in the mix, it's such a prestigious award. I just try to bring it every single day and work hard.”

Connor was as surprised as anybody by his omission from Team USA for the world junior hockey championship.

“I was a little disappointed, I guess a little pissed off,” said Connor. “I kind of used that as a motivator and I really started to pick my game up (after that).”

Wolverines head coach Red Berenson believes Connor's progression has been steady over the course of the season.

“What's evolved the most? Consistency is a big thing,” said Berenson. “I can't tell you there's been a dramatic change between October and March. There's a confidence that was growing and now it's consistency.

“It's hard to keep him off the scoresheet. Even in tough games, he's making plays. He's as good as it gets with the puck.”

In my first live game viewing of Connor, the explosive skating ability jumped right off the page.

Think Nikolaj Ehlers fast.

And like Ehlers has for a good chunk of the season, Connor plays along the half wall on his off side on the power play.

In that formation, Connor jumped down and buried a one-timer after a perfect cross-ice pass from Colorado Avalanche prospect JT Compher for a power-play goal on Friday just 30 seconds into the third period.

The offensive numbers make it obvious that Connor can do some dynamic things in the offensive zone.

But ultimately, it's his play without the puck that is going to earn the trust of the coaching staff and allow him to move into a top-six role at the next level.

Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff was in attendance on Friday night and was quick to point out some improvements in Connor's game.

“He has come a long way in his defensive-zone play and awareness from when I saw him play earlier this season,” said Cheveldayoff.

This is not to suggest that Connor goes away from his strengths.

He's never going to throwing his weight around much, but he'll need to go to the hard areas on a more regular basis to put up points in the NHL and that's something that should come with time.

Like most young players, Connor has things to work on, but he's driven to improve.

And with a skill-set that dazzles, it's looking more and more like Connor was a steal at 17th overall in the 2015 NHL Draft.

And he could be coming to an NHL rink sooner than most people would have thought.

Whether it's this fall or next, what's abundantly clear is that once Connor arrives, he's got the ability to bring folks out of their seats and put up some impressive numbers.

For a team like the Jets that could use an injection of goal-scoring, you can be bet they wouldn't be overly disappointed if Connor decided to leave school and forced his way into a top-six role come October.

Stay tuned.

Larkin made right decision

Dylan Larkin knows exactly what Kyle Connor will be going through in the coming months.

It was just over a year ago that Larkin made the decision that one season with the University of Michigan Wolerines was enough for him and that he was ready to give the pro game a shot with the Detroit Red Wings.

After putting up 15 goals and 47 points for the Wolverines last season, Larkin has made a smooth transition to the NHL, recording 20 goals and 40 points in 65 games with the Red Wings while being named to the all-star game as a rookie.

“Every player is different, but this was something I wanted,” said Larkin. “I didn't want to go back and spend another year (in college). I wanted to be a professional and take a chance. It was my decision.”

Larkin has been to a couple of Wolverines games this season and has been a sounding board for Connor.

“It's really impressive what he's doing,” said Larkin. “It will be exciting to see what he does (at the end of the season). I've talked to him and gave him some advice early in the season. I just said to enjoy your time, whether it's one year or two years. Enjoy it, have fun and do things that a student would do. Then on the ice, just be yourself and don't take a back seat to anyone.

“He certainly hasn't.”


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Maurice would probably start him on the 3rd line.

My forwards' lineup would be...

Connor Scheif Wheeler

Ehlers Little Armia

Lowry Perreault Staf

Lemieux Copp Dano


Trouba- Buff 25 minutes

Enstrom- Hamonic 25 minutes

Chiarot -Postma 10 minutes

Edited by Ducky

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