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  1. Talk about trolling? He is arguably the front runner for theCalder...
  2. I want Helle to play because I think he gives us the best chance of winning...by far. I already said he played well last night or do you just refuse to acknowledge when I give players kudos because it would go against your rhetoric? Crawford played better. Can't argue it. Helle kept the game from getting out of hand in the 1st but Crawford came up big all game. Lots of mistakes to go around....been mentioning Wheeler's D play for weeks. I don't thi nk he has ever beenmade to play D because of his O game. Laine seems off is all...not sure if he is looking out for another big hit or what but even his shot seems to be taking longer to get off once he receives the puck. I'd take him off of Ehlers' line and break them up for a game or two. He needs to fill out a bit more and he will start winning those battles....I have all the time in the world for Laine. Him of Ehlers p laying on a line with Little is good because Little is so D savvy. I would like to see Armia on the opposite wing as one of them. Maurice will never do this because he is in love with the MLA line. Lots of players on the team that needs to start putting the puck in the net and Armia, Petan, Buff, MP and Staf quickly come to mind.
  3. I don't know where to begin with this one....who was talking about Pavs? My selfrespect? Really? From someone that said he would rather see stats for the measly 6-8 games a back up is going to get for the rest of the season compared to wins for the rest of the season? Math is obviously not your strong point. I want to see the team win, regardles of a freaking goalie's stats for the remaining games he would play this season...I am talking about PAvs now and Hutch if you don't understand. Again, nobody was talking about your buddy Pavs but do you kow how much time it would take for the difference between Hutch's and Pavs' sv% to even produce two goals? They are lucky if either of them plays 10 more games this season. Here is a stat for you....8 games 4 wins vs. 17 games 4 wins. Only a complete fool takes the latter to play in maybe 10 games.
  4. The Jets sit in 9th spot for goals scored per 60 at 2.9 per game.
  5. I'd rather see Laine and Ehlers on different lines.
  6. Not much has been said about Laine's game after his demotion...didn't really stand out to me except losing almost all the battles against the boards. Had a couple of good chances but seems off to me. I hope Helle starts.
  7. The 1st goal Scheif, Wheeler, Copper, and Buff all leaving the zone and a 2 on 1 with Enstrom. The 2nd goal, Helle lets out a rebound center stage and it is in. The 3rd goal is hard to tell whether he is screened or not to be honest...saw the replay on NHL.com about 5 times but haven't watched it on the PVR yet. edit ... I like Morrissey's game a lot. He stands up for himself and picks his hits well too. Trouba, Little, MP, and Lowry had good games.
  8. Helle played well, I have already said that...not well enough is all. You mean like callilng to fire Maurice after every game whether we win or lose? Something like that? I have said they are out of it back in November when it was obvious but mathematically, they are still very in it.
  9. For the rest of the season ya, it is all that matters. Go argue with yourself I am sick of arguing with people that want a goalies stats over wins for the rest of this season.
  10. TUP said he'd rather have stats than wins. Putting words in other people'smouths? I ask a question whether he played below league average and now I am saying goals scored don't count? Take a look in the mirror.
  11. I just compared his save percentage with the leagues average. That says he played below average. This is what the stats guys want to see they don't care about wins.
  12. So he played below average? By the way on every goalie stat sheet it shows wins and losses.
  13. .912 sv percentage and still lost. I think that is almost League average so everybody should be happy. Like I say I'll take the wins.
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