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Your CFL Haiku of the Game

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Week 2

Argos @ Blue:

a week 1 reprise:
Argos hang around awhile
Blue grinds them to dust

BC @ Calgary

Mike Reilly's elbow
loves cortisone. Stamps require
stronger prescription

Your week 2 standings:
Rick Campbell is 1 and 1
Bettors 0 and 2

Ticats @ Roughriders

Van Zeyl? more like
van Turnstile, am I right?
Ticat QBs wrecked

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On 2021-08-13 at 9:12 AM, TrueBlue4ever said:

One for each team from last night. 

Bo Levi four picks

One touchdown in eight quarters

The new Calgary?


Your placekicker sucks

Rourke starts……until anthem done

Online bettors fume

Blue offence so-so

Points left on field. No matter,

Defence is a wall


Argo run game works

They hung around a while, but

Wrong QB started


Sad times in AB

Both teams are hot garbage, but

My tears are from joy.

Stanback is a beast

But are Als that good, or does

Opponent just suck?


Writers gave them raves

Forecast dominant Tigers

In fact? They’re puss*es. 

O-line holding up

All Rider facets clicking

Labour Day fight looms








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