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Your CFL Haiku of the Game

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dunno if I'll be able to keep this up all season, but here goes for Week 1:


guarding Blue endzone
like Cerberus and Charon:
the twin Jeffs of Death


Fugitive reboot:
stubble jumpers nearly beat
by one-armed QB


jerseys stained bright red
cue Macbeth soliloquy:
"out, you damn stripes! out!"


FNF remake:
just like the rider game but
the one-armed guy wins!

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20 hours ago, johnzo said:

these are dope, keep em coming!

MBB haikus:


the five seven five?

do or die doesn't subscribe.

esteemed gin ronin


Harris neighbor troll!

mods raise swords and strike like

samurai Mike Jones

Harris neighbor troll! It took me a while. Hahahaha...BEST.

Edited by Pete Catan's Ghost
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16 minutes ago, Tracker said:

Five syllables here.
Seven more syllables here.
Are you happy now?

there once was a poet named Tracker
who aspired to be a syllable packer
he'd count and he'd count
til he had the right amount
flaunting some solid pitter-patter

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