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Round 2: Game 3 @Montreal

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So THIS is why Winnipeggers can be justifiably upset about the Scheifele suspension length. DOPS reviewed this, deemed that it was in fact a high stick, and fined Krejci the $5000 maximum. It is believed the fact that earlier missed calls justified the retaliation and played a part in the lower sanction. And in case there was any doubt, Barzal came right back the next shift, so again result and not intent is the defining factor in determining the punishment. Maybe Nate Thompson should take a hit, drop to the ice, and play dead until they stretcher him off the ice. 


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7 minutes ago, M.O.A.B. said:

If Jets got sweep by Habs, will that spell the end of Maurice era in Winnipeg?

it would make the second time we got swept by Perry this shouldn't even be allowed

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6 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

We made the playoffs. Don’t pull a Blue BOmbers and fire people. 

Also Chevy is biggerr problem.

But that's 7 years of no result. At least O'Shea won 1.

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