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43 minutes ago, SpeedFlex27 said:

I don't think Friedman, Hrudey or Bieksa care. I was thinking of buying a Jets jersey putting Archibald on the back. It's the tv crew in the booth I don't like.

Debrusk is fantastic... One of the best Analysts in the game. Singh is atrocious.... Should not be calling NHL level games. 

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Hey at least Kassian has found his game.  As a lifelong Jet fan, the fourth game is always the hardest to win. Focus. 1 more to 4.    



stastny coming through in this series. faceoff win, perfect pass to ehlers


mmorissey goal... beauty.  

so  the team leaders did well...... one game lesser lights, next game stars.

some oiler fans want to fire the whole team

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As dour as the Sportsnet panel has come across this playoff series, I am not sure they are rooting actively against the Jets. But they certainly want exciting storylines, and McDavid and the Leafs will drive their ratings, so they are absolutely taking an Oilers-centric approach. From the “non-called penalties” take in game 2 and before game 3 where they claimed “you don’t want to take chances against this power play, the Jets just haven’t gotten caught yet” to the post game review by the Oilers broadcast panel, the entire take was “Oilers choke” and zero credit for “Jets fight back” which is an angle you know they would have taken were it the Leafs storming back (we saw that last year against the Blue Jackets). But I remind myself that Rogers has a stake in the Oilers and not the Jets (broadcast and arena naming rights), but they seem to forget that they are supposed to be a national broadcaster.

Meanwhile on TSN, Jay Onrait was positively giddy and celebrating a remarkable comeback and exciting game. And then there was this gem:

Sara Orlesky is awesome!

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