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Round 1 - Game 3 : Edmonton

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All right I'll give credit where credit is due.  I blasted Wheeler in the other thread... But he was clutch and that third goal that led to morrissey's tying goal.  Top line is playing on fire today.  They looked a little lost at the beginning of the game but found their legs later in the game and in ot.  Wheeler almost scored with 30 seconds left in the 3rd too.   Send them home tomorrow!

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The 2018 team had a lot of confidence.  This team is getting there now. It's building but still pretty fragile. Win tomorrow and then sit back and watch Toronto and Montreal beat the **** out of each other.

Just now, HardCoreBlue said:

Hey at least Kassian has found his game. 

As a lifelong Jet fan, the fourth game is always the hardest to win.

Focus. 1 more to 4.



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2 minutes ago, bb1 said:

Did not look good at all couple of brain dead plays by us early in the game but thankfully Archibald returned the favor! Best playoff comeback in Jets history!

I can't recall a comeback like this with either the Jets 1.0 or 2.0.

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28 minutes ago, Mark H. said:

The Stastny OT winner & both Ehlers goals tonight - long hard wristers high to the glove side.  Looks like some solid film study...right there. 

\smith isn't the goalie to carry the Oilers to the promised land. He was shown the door in Calgary. 

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