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5 minutes ago, do or die said:

Niku down, Heinola up....would be a step in the right direction

Niku and Roslo out the door would be the right direction. Get something for them before their value plummets.


I hear the Penguins are interested in Roslo? 


If they Jets look as bad as they did in the past couple of games, I think we need to replace our GM. Not going to happen, in-year, I know, but I don't want Chevy making deals just to push things along. Time to clear out management and coaches, and let them make some hard decisions on blowing up this team. 

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1 hour ago, blue_gold_84 said:

Niku looks absolutely lost in the NHL. Heinola should be a welcome change, IMO.

Trade him now before anyone else figures this out. I'm surprised given how quickly he adapted to the AHL. I know it's a different level but the fundamentals are the same. 

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4 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:

I not get the Heinola love.

Niku is 24 years old, has played 50 games in the NHL, and looks to have regressed. 

Heinola is 19 years old, and while he's only played 8 games, he looks to have some upside. He also had a strong performance in the WJHC, for whatever that's worth. I guess it's being excited about his potential.

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Great grit from Lewis on the 3rd goal. Absorbs the hit, cross bar, and boards to create an open net for Lowry. Jets skating now and full court press on the young Sens. And Forbert looking composed and solid out there. Glad we didn’t ALL quit on him after 20 minutes of play. 

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