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Mark F

good news thread (non polItical please)

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A new Utah nonprofit says it’s ready to combat drug shortages and price gouging, now that hundreds of hospitals have joined forces to form their own drug company and ensure a steady supply of some needed medications.

Civica Rx — introduced earlier this year as Project Rx — will begin selling 14 generic drugs to hospitals next year, according to the organization's CEO and administrators from Intermountain Healthcare, which helped launch the project.

"It only takes one generic company [to stabilize] a market if they are acting without a profit motive," said Intermountain executive and former Utah state senator Dan Liljenquist at a news conference Thursday.


Intermountain is joining six other health care systems, representing some 500 hospitals, to set up long-term purchase agreements with "trusted manufacturing partners," said Civica CEO Martin VanTrieste, retired chief quality officer for the pharmaceutical giant Amgen.

Civica is starting with 14 generic drugs, but organizers won’t say which ones until they are ready to sell. The drugs were chosen from more than 200 identified by doctors and hospital administrators as crucial for saving lives, but vulnerable to shortages and dramatic price spikes — especially those caused by what VanTrieste described as deliberate ploys by some drugmakers to exploit desperate patients.


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