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  1. It's because of this thing called Freedom of Expression. Unfortunately, with this gift came an obligation to used it wisely and that is where things start falling apart. While many of the league's QB's did the 300,400 or even 500 yard tricks our little ugly duckling would often not even pass for 200 yards but somehow kept winning games while leading the league in efficiency ratings.
  2. He became Rich just after starting to host the forum.
  3. I guess Nichols will sleep well tonight
  4. We had our A** kicked. Montreal did it to themselves.
  5. From 7-0 to 9-5 in a wink of an eye. From a mid-season slump to a late-season slump heading to a post-season slump. Not funny I know but neither is the fact the guys we pay to guide the team to a cup have the team running around like chickens with their head cut off. These people are not holding up their part of the agreement. Fortunately, they are blessed with the best fans in the country but at some point these fans won't want to watch this kind of football.
  6. Don't we have a game plan for the second halves? Why is this always a problem?
  7. As short as it is it does not make any difference if you don't yank it.
  8. Rent the infield during the halftime for a good old hoe-down.
  9. Aren't those positions held exclusively for retired champions of the Dart Heavers? They can spot the target merchandise from clear across the store.
  10. Could have fooled me! I thought penalties were up to 119.2.
  11. I don't know how we can reasonably compare two quarterbacks on one series of plays. Had Nichols been the QB on the fist series we don't know what his first play would have been. How can we compare his situation to Streveler. Nichols might not have gotten sacked on the first play and could have been 1 and 10, 2 and 5 or with his propensity for throwing the ball away 2 and 10. Also, Nichols might have completed the two passes to Wolitarsky. Sometimes I get the feeling our good fortune is not good enough for some. Why go to so much trouble to equate a raw rookie with an experienced pro?
  12. Yeah but we had "THE" game manager in charge but GM junior has been taking lessons from the best.
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