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  1. Rent the infield during the halftime for a good old hoe-down.
  2. Aren't those positions held exclusively for retired champions of the Dart Heavers? They can spot the target merchandise from clear across the store.
  3. Could have fooled me! I thought penalties were up to 119.2.
  4. I don't know how we can reasonably compare two quarterbacks on one series of plays. Had Nichols been the QB on the fist series we don't know what his first play would have been. How can we compare his situation to Streveler. Nichols might not have gotten sacked on the first play and could have been 1 and 10, 2 and 5 or with his propensity for throwing the ball away 2 and 10. Also, Nichols might have completed the two passes to Wolitarsky. Sometimes I get the feeling our good fortune is not good enough for some. Why go to so much trouble to equate a raw rookie with an experienced pro?
  5. Yeah but we had "THE" game manager in charge but GM junior has been taking lessons from the best.
  6. They say the fire burns green there.
  7. I was not talking about any other sample. Appeals are not to present new evidence but to test the accuracy of that provided.
  8. I'm a huge fan of the Bombers and its organization because they always present themselves as an upright group that always takes the high road.. We have had no problems blaming others so as bad as it is we must remain on the side of what the league is wanting to do. I am sure Harris tried to explain his case and it did not stick. Why appeal it to get the same results while making himself sound more guilty. Forgetting the embarrassment it'd just like two one week IR's Hey, I always wanted to know how good Augustine is. Looked pretty good a few weeks back.
  9. floating the tub toward the Pan Am Clinic.
  10. all depends if his time is concurrent or consecutive.
  11. Sure a lot of speculations on the possibilities Nichols is done for a while. Once there is a confirmation and if it's not good for Nichols then all the coaches will work to prepare Streveler as the No. 1 man. I like our chances with him taking some pressure off Harris and taking what Edmonton gives him. Hey! he beat out Bennett that we seems to be wanting now. We have a great team that will give a bit more if things go South. Hopefully some will be able to come back off the injured list.
  12. Having Harris and Streveler in the same backfield should cause some trouble for the defences.
  13. With those refs we are officially in trouble
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