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  1. Today I have brought shame upon my family.
  2. What time do things kick off? Is it noon ET?
  3. I was also standing the last few min and almost left the room from stress. I use ESPN+ on my computer or phone to watch the games when I’m in the US. Only like $5/month or something and the streaming quality is gorgeous so well worth it!
  4. That’s a very good point. You’re right in that it is exactly what the challenge was made for. Not that it would have likely impacted the game, but there was one other opportunity and it was on the no call for roughing the passer on the Bridge hit.
  5. Yeah I felt that hit was pretty ridiculous but they pointed out that the refs views was obscured. It was also rough that Jones had to waste his challenge on a very very obvious PI. And yet....I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. 1-0 next week, let’s make it happen. GO BOMBERS!!!!!
  6. I still think you should come to LA if the Bombers are in the West final and Grey Cup!
  7. Brad Johnson was the best QB to ever have lived!!! You take that back right now!!!
  8. I got laser eye surgery earlier this year. You might want to do the same - did wonders for my vision!
  9. Well I think this sounds like a perfect plan. Depending on the results Nov 11, you should very much come in for the western final (and Grey Cup)! Let me know if you decide to make the get away a reality! Thanks for the info, I'll look into this as well. The key for me is that I'd really like to watch the games with other fans. It'll be very odd watching such important games alone. If we actually win the cup and I'm not home for the parade, that'll kill me.
  10. Hey friends, I'll be in Los Angeles for the east/west finals and the Grey Cup, and while I have an ESPN+ subscription which I watch most games on while I'm in the US, I'd really like to hang out with some other CFL (and ideally Bomber) fans while I watch. Does anyone know of a bar or lounge that would not only have the games on, but be celebrating them with ex-pats around? Are any of you in LA mid-late November?
  11. Been such a crazy season. Every single playoff contending team, with maybe the exception of Calgary (and even then, their last two games have been bad), has taken turns looking like both the best and worst team in the league.
  12. Yeah this about sums it up. He and the other drivers on the road are lucky that nothing terrible happened. I also don’t think he’ll miss playing time right now, the Riders can’t afford to lose him at this junction, but I think they ship him off in the off season. I don’t like Jones, but he showed when releasing Carter that he’s not afraid to lose one of his best players if there’s a problem of some sort.
  13. Of course, but we won’t have to play both of them in the Grey Cup. I’m saying if we have to go through two teams, SSK/CAL or HAM/OTT, I’d rather the former.
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