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  1. Agreed. I seem to recall Jennings having quite the season once upon a time. Seems like a distant memory now. I feel the same will come with Fajardo.
  2. More worried about losing him to the NFL
  3. Yeah Lawler has the best hands of the bunch. Weird to not include him.
  4. Because if he doesn’t get 300yards passing we lose. That’s how football works!
  5. Feel bad for that poor Medlock guy. Got nothing to do out there but kickoffs.
  6. Backup QB to backup running back. TD. Backup QB to backup receiver. TD. Backup punt returner. TD. What in the actual hell is happening???
  7. Wish we had more spots for these guys. He was an immediate impact, causing Rios’ pick six. Was so fun seeing him proudly say “I was sitting on my couch three days ago”, I thought he’d get to stick around and be a Bomber.
  8. Craig Dickenson is a mouth breather.
  9. Darvin Adams has zero targets so far.
  10. O’Shea is so blindly loyal to guys who underperform it’s laughable! Oh wait...
  11. And my favourite: Q: Which team won the final LDC at Old Toilet Bowl stadium? A: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  12. If you alternate each year, wouldn’t that mean that this year you’ll do the opposite of what you did last year?
  13. Not sure if you were being serious or facetious (always hard to tell on this site), but assuming serious, I agree. Maas actually praised the Bombers a ton. He said they tried everything they could to score TDs and our défense just kept stopping them. Pointed out that our defense is the only one in the league that can just shut them down and that they won’t have to play us again unless it’s in the playoffs. Said that us not having a lot of passing yards isn’t really worth celebrating since they’re a team that’s good at stopping the pass, but they had gameplanned to stop the run and they weren’t able to thanks to Streveler and Harris. Said that anyone who lines up against Willie J will be better for it because of how good he is. Honestly, even what he said about the penalties was fair. He basically said that guys get heated in these games and the refs seemed to be letting it slide both ways and then suddenly they didn’t. I don’t like Maas at all, but I found nothing wrong with that interview. Spent more time talking about how good we are than making excuses.
  14. Also, people have been saying for ages that they “just have to stop Harris” in order to stop us, which pretty much no one has been able to do. I don’t see why stopping two running threats would be easier.
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