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  1. I hope this is the year of the no crossover!
  2. It’s also worth noting that going vanilla in the second half allows us to keep that many more plays off of film that opponents can’t study. It’s why we’re vanilla in pre-season after all. Every week, every offence in the league disappears for stretches of the game. If ours is disappearing once we have insurmountable leads, as opposed to when the game is still hanging in the balance, and I’m pretty damn ok with that.
  3. But muh yards! But my TOP! Quit it with this notion that scoring points is important!
  4. Ok let me take a stab at this game... Andrew Harris’ biggest run of the night was at the end of the half when just trying to kill the clock. Take that run away (the game we’re doing by taking Nichols long passes away for god knows what reason) and Harris’ numbers aren’t all that great. Add in Harris’ two fumble game against Edmonton. Ergo, Harris is a steaming pile of Rider crap! Did I do it right? What do I win?? We scored more points in the first half of this game than we have in the entire game of any of our three previous wins (five if you want to include pre-season). We’re 4-0 for the first time in 16 years. We are the only undefeated team in the league. We are the only team that has beaten Edmonton and Ottawa. We find a new way to win every week. Are we perfect? No, of course not. But as it stands, at this point in time, we appear to be closer to “perfect” than any other team in the league. I really wish more people watched all the non-Bomber games, we are far and away the most complete, put together team out there. Let’s also consider that we had Hardrick, Matthews, Whitehead, Bighill, Briggs, Hecht and probably more I’m forgetting out for all or most of the game. Everyone keeps saying “if we let up like that against a good team...”. News flash: We did. Against Edmonton. Guess what? They still didn’t beat us, and we didn’t even put up 48 in that one. So considering that we let up against Edmonton with 28 points and won, it’s fair to say had we done hat with 37 points or 41 points or 48 points... one sec, gotta so a quick calculation...carry the three...deduct anything good Nichols did...ignore anything bad Streveler did... yup, we would’ve still won. Point being: you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be better than your opponent. So far we’ve been better than all our opponents, fairly convincingly.
  5. Agreed. Hope Hecht’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked.
  6. The internet told me that Nichols is very inaccurate. Just imagine if we had an accurate passer in there!
  7. And if only Lapo wouldn’t just give up after being up 21-0. What a boring okay call, just another touchdown.
  8. Oof no surprise here, O’Shea taking it easy on his alma matter as expected. Not to mention how upset he is about Kevin Glen’s broken arm!
  9. Streveler wouldn’t have fumbled that pass!
  10. Great, and now Nichols completes a deep pass to Lawler knowing damn well he’d fumble it. goddamn ham n egger!
  11. Argos dominating in time of possession. MBT has EIGHT TIMES as many yards as Nichols. Smh
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