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  1. Not to mention, even if they score, that outs the game into overtime. It doesn’t mean they win.
  2. Whitfield on LA has some nice patience and vision. The football isn’t great but it’s not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. This is week one of eight expansion teams, will take some time for these guys to build chemistry, especially O line.
  3. Aside from Labour Day/Banjo Bowl we have no back to back games, and our final two games of the season are eastern opponents so assuming we aren’t the crossover team we won’t end up in a situation playing a team back to back to end the season/go into the playoffs again. In other words, we won’t see the BS three games against Calgary run we saw to end this year. Also no more than two away games in a row (and two home games in a row) which is nice.
  4. Nichols throws less picks and throws the ball away or takes a sack as soon as there’s pressure. Collaros is better at evading pressure and making something out of nothing, but also takes more risks with dangerous passes. Outside of the above, they’re relatively similar. I personally prefer Collaros when comparing their differences, but don’t mind Nichols.
  5. Any chance you have a hi-res of this? I would love to use it but I'm on a 2880 x 1800 monitor.
  6. Thanks Rich! Appreciate the site and if you ever decide to open it to donations I’ll be the first to pony up some cash!
  7. I know everyone’s gotta eat, but this isn’t good. I’d much sooner donate a little bit if there was an option for that. This just compels next to use an ad blocker or stop visiting the site.
  8. Injured otherwise I’m sure we’d pick him up!
  9. Hopefully enough to make the passing game for the Stamps null and the bomber run game top priority
  10. I agree about not being worried about the Riders, I’m more worried about trying to beat a team three times in a row. Home field advantage obviously helps but we haven’t fared so well in home playoff games in recent history.
  11. So, purely for fun as we know the Bombers wouldn’t intentionally lose, would we be better off losing to Calgary so they can take first place and we don’t have to play them three times in a row, instead playing Sask in the first round (but in their house)?
  12. Not sure about that, because Calgary has the tiebreaker against Sask. I believe next in line is combined wins against eachother? Or maybe divisional wins?
  13. Yeah I more mean from a numbers standpoint. For us to finish first ahead of them, they’d need to lose two of their last three and we’d need to win out in a back to back with Calgary. For Calgary to finish ahead of them, they’ll have to beat us. So it’s a catch 22 because even if you win out, sask can still finish ahead of us thanks to the tiebreaker, in which case we then helped them get to first place. All things considered, they’re the most likely of the three teams to finish first based on who they’re playing and cal and us playing eachother.
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