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  1. Read online about this man who took his 9 year old son to his first Bomber game. When leaving, his son who happened to be wearing a green sweatshirt, Bomber shirt underneath, was sworn at and beer thrown at him. Someone even pushed him and told him to "get the F out of here" and "to go back where he came from". Yet the kid is from Winnipeg. Such disgusting behavior, shame some had to ruin what should have been a great experience.
  2. I think Murphy is good at finding talent
  3. So Smith will be playing, no? So do we slide McDuffie outside then, he was unimpressive up until last game at receiver.
  4. Yup young guns team is going to be fun to watch. Only going to tune into the Finn games to see Laine. Should be fun to see how much McDavid elevates Sheifele's game.
  5. I'm a Lil worried we may have woken the beast. We were very lucky to have won that game, in Saskatchewan no less. They are going to come into this game with a chip on their shoulder with nothing to lose. They were closer to winning that than we know. But we know. We better bring our A game and that might just let us squeak by.
  6. I work in media and watched Lawless at work....pompous arrogant MF....I miss Ed Tait
  7. Isn't it great knowing we have injured players on the verge of coming back that will only make us better? Good times!! Good knowing we don't have to rush anyone back.
  8. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/capable
  9. Denmark brings a much needed vet presence...yeah he declined a bit in his last year's here but our offense was s*** as a whole. Prefer Richards over JFG though...
  10. Fun fact: Atleast we now have two capable QB's
  11. That's the way it looks unfortunately. God I hope Smith is back soon.
  12. I would hope they don't try fix what ain't broke...
  13. I liked the replays so you could actually see the little things he was doing right. I will be P****d if he isn't cemented there for the rest of the year.
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