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12 hours ago, Brandon said:

Harlem Heat was an awesome tag team! Hopefully Hogan puts them in lol.

There is talk of not having any inductors this year.  I think X-Pac said in an interview.  So they might just do the host (probably Lawler) and video packages and then have the inductee come right out.  Makes sense really, to cut down on talking time.   Since WWE creative scripts much of the HOF speeches, they can add more history to the actual speech.

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Kenny Omega captured the Wrestling Observer Wrestler of the Year award for 2018 in pretty much a landslide.  

Tanahashi was second followed by Okada, LA Park, Becky Lynch/AJ Styles (tied).


Omega also won for Most Outstanding Wrestler (Ibushi came in second, followed by Okada).  Omega came in second in Tag Team of the Year (with Ibushi), second only to The Young Bucks (who won the award for a record fifth consecutive time).

Omega vs Okada was Match of the Year.  Omega had five spots in the top ten in this award.

New Japan won Promotion of the Year (landslide) over WWE.

In regional voting, Omega also won MVP In japan and came in second in MVP In USA/Canada (Styles won).

Omega's One Winged Angle was voted Best Move (V-Trigger was 5th best).

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Gallows & Anderson are the latest to turn down multi-million dollar deals to stay with WWE.   Contract expires in September and they want to wait to see what the landscape looks like.  Everyone is being offered 5 year deals for big money to keep them from AEW.

Supposedly, Ambrose is still leaving (even though booking makes it seem like a work).  No word on Styles, whose contract is up shortly too.  He'd get a big offer from AEW but he makes a ton of money in WWE and probably takes the safer bet of staying.

From Meltzer, WWE actually handed this out to mainstream media before their WM announcement presser:


 1) When referring to our talent, we ask that you refer to them as WWE Superstars both for the men and women and NOT as “professional wrestlers;”

2) As of March 2016, our female Superstars are NO longer referred to as WWE Divas, so please call them WWE Superstars;

3) Please refer to our company as WWE and NOT World Wrestling Entertainment;

4) Please do not refer to our company as “the WWE,” but rather “WWE.”

5) Please do NOT use the term “professional wrestling,” instead using WWE or Sports Entertainment to describe our brand (E.G. “We have many WWE fans in the Tampa area” or “I have always been a fan of sports entertainment;

6) The WWE Championship or WWE Title are appropriate names for the title. It is not called a “belt” or a “strap.” 


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Arn Anderson filed a trademark for "The Four Horsemen."  Speculation is it might be for AEW (ie. a Horsemen vs Elite program).  I could never understand why WWE never used the Horsemen.

Cody filed trademarks for "Prince of Wrestling", "Battle Bowl", "Bash At The Beach", "Bunkhouse Stampede".  He said they were not all AEW related and more so to protect his father's IP (recall that WWE refused to let Cody use the "Rhodes" name).   I could see Bash at the Beach being an AEW show.

Jericho Cruise 2 is 75% sold out which is way ahead of the first one.  I had a feeling that would happen when people saw how much fun the first one was.  I liked the idea of the Cruise but was sort of...was it going to be a big markfest (I hate to use that term but you know what I mean).  The boys on the cruise, too, were dreading it.  They had a pre-cruise get together the night before and were all like, ugh let's just get through this.  But then had a fantastic time and said everyone was super cool and they couldnt wait to do it again.

The new WWE HQ will combine their corporate offices and production facilities.  So thats probably one of the main reasons for the move.  It makes me wonder if it's a long term play for a potential sale.  They are going from owning to leasing.  The rent is about $20 million/year with options up to 2063.

AJ Styles signed a new WWE.  Anderson & Gallows appear to be off most dates as they declined a new contract and are gone soon (I head heard September but not sure).

Dana Warrior apparently did well in her "learning the ropes" of Creative role and is now on the Creative team full time.  And has been in important creative meetings that other members of the team are not invited to.  So she has an important voice.

Summerslam in Toronto is sold out.  I had considered going to this but with it being in the arena rather than Skydome, it was going to be a quick sellout and pricey tickets.

Vince is still hot at Undertaker for doing Starrcast but he's now confirmed for the next Saudi show.  Those Saudi shows are WWE's two biggest money shows of the year.  Wouldnt surprise me if Taker appears at WM...maybe to take out Elias?

Humberto Garza III, Shane Strictland and DJZ are all signed and will report to the WWE performance centre at some point in the next while.

Kane has a book coming out called “Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Liberty” 

Black & Vega were off shows this past week due to being on their Honeymoon.

- Meltzer (and me)

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On 2019-03-20 at 2:55 PM, The Unknown Poster said:

Nobody knows who either of those tweets reference 😉

Speaking of Kenny Omega....on a *ahem* unrelated note, PCW returns March 30th at Doubles Bar for our 17th Anniversary Show.  

Glad I got my tickets... expecting the rush of sales now!

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4 minutes ago, Goalie said:

Its still very unfortunate Martha won't let Owen go in and be remembered for his accomplishments. 

If it were a wrestling hall of fame, I would agree. But, this is the WWE HOF, and I can't disagree with her stance. 

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