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2 hours ago, Goalie said:

Well, considering all the food you buy is wrapped in some form of plastic, it kind of is stupid but probably low down on the list 

But it's still a stupid idea. Either get rid of all plastics or none. It's not some pressing issue tho 

I would guess you have never cleaned up around a landfill.  Our community has been contracted to do that job several times.

Most of what we picked up was plastic bags and other light weight plastics.

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Please bring back plastic straws,  the paper straws are absolutely awful and I can't always bring a metal straw around with me at all times.     

Their is far more waste in packaging and for the overall environment the amount of harmful toxic waste that is created by factories is a million times more impactful then plastic straws.    Also far more waste created because everything these days are made to only last a short period of time so the amount of pollution/plastic/waste created is so much higher then it needs to be since everything is made to break quickly.   Basically I'm saying they should close down dollarama because they produce so much disposable crap.  


Source before someone complains  -  I worked at Environment Canada for two years.    

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2 minutes ago, Brandon said:

I'd imagine it is hard for Mastermind to compete with Amazon/Wal-Mart.   I did enjoy the store but nearly everything could be found online for cheaper.   

I mean even Chapters kind of sells toys these days (oh not to mention Toys R Us is not very far away like across the street)

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1 hour ago, Colin Unger said:

Btc is closing in on 40k already.  Up from 16k earlier this year because the sec keeps losing lawsuits against crypto and they’re being forced to start approving crypto etfs. Plus no more interest rate hikes. 

Crypto and NFTs are all just a scam.  Do some people get rich with them, sure, because they are scamming gullible people into buying into them.  

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