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Back to school week GDT - non banjo pickin’ inbred games

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4 minutes ago, johnzo said:

watching the tsn banjo bowl promo with the Rod Black voiceover saying "it's the day of deliverance!" over a bunch of banjo picking fans, mostly Bomber fans.

uh has Rod Black ever seen Deliverance?

might dragging the river looking for rider wins, for the duration of the season.

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23 minutes ago, Nolby said:

I literally have no clue at this point between Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton who's gonna walk out on top of the east.

I picked the TiCats, Argos and Als to finish in that order, separated by one game each. I feel more confident now than ever about this prediction. 

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Wtf. He kicks it out of bounds after getting hit and he's penalized? Stupid CFL rules. So stupid. 

3 minutes ago, Geebrr said:

That is s BS contacting the kicker. Bede was looking for contact 

And, he got contanct. 

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