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week 3 other games

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I sat in the endzone, The quarterbacks club, in empire stadium in the fifties. ( before i was born)

harris looks grim! 

elks already quit in this game

ok maybe not

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Same db jeez. 

1 minute ago, Geebrr said:

I would have been happy to keep Lucky too.

For soo long we watched other teams find guys with that kind of speed and explosiveness. Finally get one and he's lighting it up for bc after a year. Sad 

Fg time for edm

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Just now, Eternal optimist said:

Always liked Lucky Whitehead. He got a raw deal in 2017 when at training camp for the Cowboys, he was falsely accused of petty larceny, and was immediately released by the Cowboys, only for it to later be revealed that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Was that the shop lifting thing?

Someone also stole his dog, FFS

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