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23 minutes ago, FrostyWinnipeg said:


Wheelers had a good game. Brossy looked/played nervous. Stastny feels like he batting .750 at faceoffs. Some sketchy penalties. Good Ottawa crowd ;)

The Jets did not look good for a long time.



was Francois St.Laurent reffing tonight?

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Small sample size so I won’t make blanket statements, but Niku has not covered himself in glory these past two games. Stastny to net front on the power play showed some promise, quick passing decisions with the puck that made the others move it with more purpose. Having said that, Scheifele may need to practice recovering the puck off the boards on his backhand when the power play shot goes wide - lost the zone 3-4 times when he couldn’t corral the puck on the rebound. Actually thought Brossoit was pretty steady given the shot volume and quality. Ottawa at 5 on 6 looked like the Jets’ penalty kill, just standing around letting the play come to them rather than pressuring and forcing. Felt very confident the Jets would score given the time they had to set up. And Ottawa’s passiveness continued in overtime, not the way to win games. Happy with the W but taking 20 minutes off a night and playing from behind is not a long term winning strategy. But 2-1 with lots of room for improvement is encouraging if you play the glass half full game. 

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