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How About that Other Worldly Play-Off Defense?

Which was a Better Defense During Play-Offs?  

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  1. 1. Which was a Better Defense During Play-Offs?

    • 2011 "Swaggerville"
    • 2019 Grey Cup Champs?

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18 minutes ago, blue_or_die said:

I proudly wore my Swaggerville shirt every week that year.

It was a very fun year - an oasis in a dessert of horrible years. It was flanked by Doug Berry's unceremonial ousting after a terribly diappointing 2008, the Mike Kelly fiasco of 2009, and the 4-14 Lapo/Mack rookie campaign, and was followed up by an even more disappointing 2012 that saw Lapo unceremoniously shown the door, the most disastrous year in Bomber history that I know of (to christen a new stadium, to boot) in Burke's 2013 year, and O'Shea's extremely forgettable first two years here with Drew Willy and no stinkin' playoffs.

I don't understand the flack that the 2011 group got for bringing a little fun to what was otherwise a very dark cloud over the franchise. These years encompassed most of my fandom, too.

I can see the appeal for other people. It was fun- I enjoyed Swaggerville, until I didn't. It was great fun and nice to see players making a name for themselves and all- but once they started Selling T-shirts out of their cars... I was... like I said, cringing. 

The oasis analogy is a good one.


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I've rewatched the game in its entirety twice now ,wife thinks I'm nuts lol. But for all the accolades going to the DL ,I think Mike Jones at corner had a game for the ages. Took cry baby Banks out of

I think I've said it before on here, but I'll never forget just how little Evans wanted to be in the pocket holding the ball the final 5-7 minutes of that game. He looked absolutely traumatized by our

The DL took it to the next level - everyone else just had to do their jobs behind them. They saved their best football for the big dance. 

2011 was my first year as a season ticket holder so it'll always hold a special place in my heart.

That said... I much prefer the blue collar, grind it out, shut-up-and-play style of D we fielded for the 2019 playoffs. It was ruthless and majestic at the same time.

What I find interesting between the two teams is the difference down the stretch... 2011 got off to a torrid start (7-1), but never could rekindle that magic. They won the East, so getting into the Grey Cup wasn't particularly difficult (first round bye, had to win 1 game against a 0.500 Tabbies team).

2019 also got off to a great start (5-0), faced even more adversity (lost our starting QB) but pulled it together down the stretch instead of fading away. The 2019 squad certainly took the road less traveled... and did so in glorious underdog fashion.


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On 2019-12-10 at 1:20 PM, BomberfanMKS said:

To be fair - 2011 Grey Cup could have easily gone our way if Willis doesn't drop the pick 6.  Down 24-9 (eventually 31-9 after THAT drive) instead of only 24-16...

Yup, and BC's O-line has holding/tackling our D-line all day with, I think, 1 holding penalty being called against them. It was disgusting.

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On 2019-12-10 at 1:31 PM, wanna-b-fanboy said:

Mine too Piggy... mine too. At first I am a little sad that she doesn't share my fandom... then I'm like "Oh well... we're ******* GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!


Yeah, when Mike Jones defended that pass to Mike Jones- Mike Jones makes the catch, and takes a step while almost securing the football, Mike Jones bats it out of Mike Jones' hands- the replay on that Mike jones on Mike Jones play was incredible.


MIke Jones had himself one hell of a game.


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I understand the rule, but its not contact with the ground that dislodges the ball. It looks to me like he catches the ball, has control, takes three steps, and then the ball comes out due to the defender before he is down. Either way we still steam-rolled them but would have been interesting if they had scored there. I didn't think it was that close until seeing the replay up close.

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