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  1. I proudly wore my Swaggerville shirt every week that year. It was a very fun year - an oasis in a dessert of horrible years. It was flanked by Doug Berry's unceremonial ousting after a terribly diappointing 2008, the Mike Kelly fiasco of 2009, and the 4-14 Lapo/Mack rookie campaign, and was followed up by an even more disappointing 2012 that saw Lapo unceremoniously shown the door, the most disastrous year in Bomber history that I know of (to christen a new stadium, to boot) in Burke's 2013 year, and O'Shea's extremely forgettable first two years here with Drew Willy and no stinkin' playoffs. I don't understand the flack that the 2011 group got for bringing a little fun to what was otherwise a very dark cloud over the franchise. These years encompassed most of my fandom, too.
  2. Good to know. Thought he was a Lion for a really long time but I guess not. An extra game with and a ring with us = retire a Bomber.
  3. I'm also wondering if maybe the fan speculation on Gaitor has run amok and maybe the relationship didn't end as we might think. In fact, I would prefer to think that. I'm happy he holds no ill will towards the Bombers and thinks of himself as one of us. I guess he retires a Bomber even though he's probably better known as a Lion?
  4. I agree. Certainly the we he faded away was not amicable nor gracious but, like all other players on this team, whether you we a superstar or played bits and pieces of the season, you made a contribution to the team that ultimately was good enough to be the best. That deserves the accolades.
  5. OMG Streveler jersey now for this guy
  6. It's not mine so I can't exactly comment but if that were me I'd be prouder than heck to see my stuff with that championship team. I'd give them the shirt off my back!
  7. Offense: QB Collaros - I think he's gone to TO regardless QB Streveler - Want him back big time in the same role QB Nichols - Probably will be our QB1 next year IMO. OL Bryant - NEED. OL Hardrick - Very likely will be back OL Neufeld* - Love the guy but there's only so much money to go around. I think he goes home to Sask to finish his career. He got his ring. Also, we have a bursting pipeline of young Canadian OL OL Couture* - Very likely will be our starting C again, unless brass thinks Eli is ready to be the guy (but I think likely not yet) RB Augustine* - If Oliveira is back to full health, Johnny goes on to other opportunities where he deservedly gets a bigger role (hard to become the guy when you play on an Andrew Harris team) WR Adams - I'm sure we make him a fair offer and he stays. Gets to be the #1 receiver here. WR Wolitarsky* - Stays with his buddy Strev but if he does go, we have Petermann as another Canadian rec and we can shuffle the core around to give him the role that best suits his abilities Defense DE Jefferson - I think he stays and wins multiple championships with us DE Roh - most certainly walks. Thanks for everything though, Craig. Enjoyed the smackdown you laid on Manzeil. DT Nevis - tough one. I think he stays but wouldn't be surprised to see him go if another team makes him a big offer. Last year he went to FA to check his market value and signed here again. DT Thomas* - Back for sure to continue his streak. LB Thomas - ? LB Jones - ? DB Rose - MUST. DB Sayles - MUST. DB Maston - I think he's our SAM of the future DB Taylor - 50/50. I like him but depends on the $$ sitch DB Fenner - gone DB Hecht* - might re-sign and just be an ST demon/serviceable fill-in at safety. I think it depends if he thinks he can get the chance at a bigger role elsewhere or not DB D.Jones* - see above, although more likely to stay than Hecht. DB Gaitor (I think he should be in the list) - Gonezo.
  8. We should have Darian Durant Day the next time we play the Riders at IGF (East) in a non-Banjo Bowl game. We can unveil a banner on the concourse in in the tailgate area and fans can thank DD for his help in securing the 107th Grey Cup for the Blue and Gold. EDIT: Darian Durant urinal cakes in the men's room at IGF-East? Although that wouldn't be fair to the ladies who also deserve a chance to express their feelings toward DD. We are striving for an equitable society here, folks.
  9. Yes folks, I couldn't have been kidding more lol. I'm an extremely sarcastic person and i give no indication of my implications when writing online- my problem haha. Anyway, I was taking a dig at Wilder for wanting high end CFL money a few years ago thinking he was some superstar who would eventually get onto an NFL roster. 400 yards in a season in the CFL ain't gonna get you there.
  10. No doubt to go to the NFL. He's been the best back in the league for the past several years and it's a wonder he's not playing down there already.
  11. I have a newborn so a GC pregame isn't the same as it would be otherwise for me. I'm also hosting a GC party so need to get the house in order and head to the store to pick up snacks and groceries for the week (all in my royal blue AH33 jersey, of course). On the other hand, sure would be special to have my son within 2 months of the Cup coming home to Winnipeg. Will be worth the trade off.
  12. Not that I don't get the reasoning/circumstance, but absolute crying shame that Gray and Roh aren't on the DC.
  13. Very jelly that I am not in Calgary, at work, and practically sober right now.
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