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oskee woot woot

From a Ticat fan...

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New poster here.

Just wanted to wish you all a good time watching the game tonight. Both our fanbases know heartbreak when it comes to Grey Cup. 

I'm not wishing the Bombers good luck... well because I don't lol. But I do hope for a good game, no injuries and good sportsmanship on both sides.

Truth be told, if we have to lose to any team in the Grey Cup, I'd be ok with it being in Winnipeg. And I'd be thrilled for Zach (after a couple of days lol). He's still a fan favourite here in the Hammer.

Have fun tonight, wherever you are.


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1 hour ago, oskee woot woot said:

Well, I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. 

But I will say Congratulations to your wonderful city on a well-deserved and long-awaited win. 

Thank you- total class.

Your time will come soon; you have an awesome organization- from the very top with "Caretaker" Bob to your HC in Steinhauer, the talent in your players and you immensely passionate and faithful fan-base.


Enjoy the off season knowing you have a great team to root for. We'll see you guys next year.

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